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Michael Hannigan
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DYNAMIC BRANDING of a PHP based Web Application (PHP with mysqli

Customer Question

DYNAMIC BRANDING of a PHP based Web Application (PHP with mysqli extensions, MySQL 5)
Please use procedural mysqli for the solution.
I have a web application that needs to be wrapped around a dynamically branded header and footer sections based on the client who installs the application. Essentially, these settings for dynamic branding below can be maintained in a MySQL table only by the user who is defined as the "admin" in the user database where the application is installed. Every page of the app ( .php) needs to have the dynamically branded HTML wrapper that needs to be "included" in every .php file. Here are the requirements :
I need to have the "admin" user only be able to access a menu item called "Branding". We web application is already in a responsive design, so the HTML wrappers for branding for the header and footer must also be a responsive design.Please apply media kit for different screen sizes. On a screen sizes below 360 px. the tag does not need to show.
HEADER SECTION : Logo on the top left, tag in the center and a phone number to the right all in the same header, row.
(a) Header logo - ability to browse and upload a PNG or JPG image not greater than 350 px width and 250 px height from a local desktop . Please use class "headerLogo" to use in the media kit.
(b) Header text - Ability to enter the contents of a tag, no longer than 70 characters. Please use a class "appHeader" for the media kit.
(c) Contact Phone - ability to enter a contact phone number. Please use class "appContact" for the media kit.
(d) Ability to pick background color from a hex color picker
(e) Ability to set font color from a hex color picker
(f) Ability to pick font-family from Arial, Sans Serif, Times New Roman
(g) Ability to add Page Title for the tag
FOOTER SECTION : Same responsive behavior as the header.
(a) LEFT : Ability to enter URL of "Company Disclosure". This shows as a link on the first [td] as "Privacy Policy" - the entered URL needs to show up in the <a href... enclosing "Company Disclosure" as a link.
(b) RIGHT : Ability to enter the URL of "Home Page". This shows as a link on the second [td] as "Terms Of Service" - the entered URL needs to show up in the <a href... enclosing "Home Page" as a link. - [td] width: 34%
(c) Center : fixed text without any URL
(d) Ability to choose background color of footer from a hex color picker
(e) Ability to set the color of the font on the footer
This is where the GUI of the app will reside and no branding should be possible. The CSS and content of this area including the menu for each of the functions (upload, send request, archive etc) will remain part of the Application GUI and cannot be changed.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Programming
Expert:  Michael Hannigan replied 2 years ago.
Hello. My name is***** can help you with this.It looks to me like you have quite a bit of work to do here. What I like to do in this case rather than try to get a fixed price for the entire amount and possibly be off one way or the other, I prefer to give you an hourly wage and have you authorize that by paying for the first few hours. What I will do is send an additional services offer for those first few hours and if you would like to accept that hourly rate, just except the additional services offer. If you think the number of hours is too great for some reason, just reply to me here and we can reduce it. You know more about the project that I do so if I tell you I think it's five hours and you really believe it's only going to take one, definitely tell me that because I would rather charge less up front and then going to additional billing if necessary because of going past the initial number of hours. I will quote you four hours for now &ndash; I'm leaning toward five but in this case I would rather shoot under than over.