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I want to start my Twitter Account . Please clarify : (1)

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I want to start my Twitter Account . Please clarify :

(1) How Twitter is different from Facebook ?

(2) As i know there are 2 categories in twitter i.e., FOLLOWING & FOLLOWERS ........... Whats the difference ?

(3) If i am following someone , will that person know who am i and following him ?

(4) What does tweet mean ?

(5) Is it possible to withdraw or delete a tweet once written ?

(6) How twitter account can be beneficial for a person ?

(7) Can i restrict a person to follow me on twitter ?

Brandon M. :

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Brandon M. :

Twitter is different from Facebook in many ways. Twitter is great for posting updates that are short and sweet and may include a link or picture. Facebook allows you to post basically whatever you want. Facebook also uses a friend system where you are friends with each other and will always see their posts (unless they hide it). With Twitter, you choose who you want to view updates from only. "Following" are the people you want to see tweets (updates) from. "Followers" are people who want to see your tweets (updates). If you follow someone, they will get an email that you are now following them. They can also go to their "Followers" section of their page and see you listed. A "tweet" is a status update or posting. When you post something on Twitter, it is a tweet. Yes, you can delete any tweets that you create. Twitter is great for keeping up with companies, friends, family where you just want to see or post quick updates about what is going on. You can set your tweets to protected which means you have to approve people to follow you. If you don't use this option, after someone follows you, you can always block them instead.


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Can you give me 1 or 2 basic differences between facebook and twitter i.e, things which are possible with facebook but not with twitter and vice-versa ?

Sure. Here are a few things off the top of my head:

Facebook is more for keeping up with friends and family wherein Twitter is more for keeping up with companies or organizations. Facebook allows unlimited post length whereas Twitter's post length is limited to 140 characters. Twitter's interface is easier to use than Facebooks but Facebook gives you more control on who can see what (even down to only one person can see information on your profile or a post). With Facebook, under default security, only people you are friends with can see your posts whereas with Twitter, everyone can see your posts (or tweets).

I would be happy to provide more, if needed.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Best Regards,
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