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**For LOGICPRO only** Design, implement, test, and debug a

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**For LOGICPRO only** Design, implement, test, and debug a Visual Basic program to
create an enhanced home utility auditing program based on Week Two.
The user should be able to do the following:
• Enter the cost per kilowatt-hour.
• Select from a list of home appliances which includes a washer,
among other appliances.
• Enter the power needed in kilowatts (kW) for the selected
appliance per hour.
• Enter the number of hours used per day for the selected
• If the washer is selected, enter both the number of gallons of
water used by the washer per hour and the cost per gallon.
The program should do the following:
• Validate that the data entered has the correct format, and is
within a reasonable range.
• Calculate and display the cost for operating a home appliance
per hour and annually as soon as the data is entered.
• Create a listing area to display each of the following for each
appliance entered:
o Home appliance
o Number of hours per day
o Cost per hour
o Annual cost for operating the appliance
o Within the listing area you must also display and update the
total annual cost of all appliances, as soon as a new entry is
added to the listing area.
Write the code for the program and test the results. Make sure your
program is documented properly, including author, date, class, and
overview of what the program will do.

Author: Roger
Date: 09/16/2013
Class: POS 408
Overview: To expand on the second weeks program to add more usability and versatility. Will include calculations for resources other than electricity.

This is the program that needs to be expanded: Utility Auditing

Deadline is 09/16/2013
Welcome back and thank you for asking me.
Hope you are doing well.

If you have any file(s), Zip all files, upload the zipped file to and post download link here.
What is the deadline for this?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This is the program that needs to be expanded: Utility Auditing

Deadline is 09/16/2013

ok, I will provide you answer ASAP.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you!

Download answer from here: Home Utility Auditing Program Week

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