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1. (TCO 8) Briefly describe best practices as it relates to

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1. (TCO 8) Briefly describe best practices as it relates to naming classes. (Points : 18)

2. (TCO 2) Sometimes the terms Encapsulation and Data/Information Hiding in object-oriented programming are used interchangeably. Can you give an example, which shows that they are actually different? (Points : 18)

3. (TCO 2) Given the following list of classes, attributes and methods,

· identify which items are classes, which items are attributes and which items are methods;
· identify which class each attribute and method belongs to; and
· suggest a class hierarchy given your list of classes.

*Note - no particular capitalization scheme is used in the list below to differentiate between classes, methods, and attributes.

AdhereToBuilding, NumberOfPetals, Photosynthesize, EmitFragrance, Length, Plant, Height, DaysToGermination, Rose, Grow, LosePetals, ConsumeWater, FloweringSeason, Vine, Color, LeavesPerInch (Points : 18)

4. (TCO 7) What is an abstract class? How do you use pure virtual functions defined inside an abstract class? What are the differences between a pure virtual function and an interface? (Points : 18)

5. (TCO 4) What are a bass class and a derived class? How do you distinguish between a base class and its derived classes? What programming technique shall you follow when the implementation of a base class method does not appropriately describe the behavior of a derived class object? (Points : 18)

6. (TCO 6) What are the differences between inheriting interface and inheriting implementation? How do inheritance hierarchies designed for inheriting interface differ from those designed for inheriting implementation? (Points : 18)

7. (TCO 2) Define and implement the overloaded constructors that support the following test function for an Employee class. The data members for the Employee class are:

• age-- integer number
• name-- string
• salary-- floating point number

int main()
{ Employee e1(); //e1 will take all default value
Employee e2 (60, "James Bond", 80000.29); //e2 will take all supplied value
Employee e3 (21); //e3 will take supplied age, name and salary will take default value
Employee e4(50, "XXXXX XXXXX"); //e3 will take supplied age and name, salary will take default value
Employee e5 (25, 55000.12); //e5 will take supplied age and salary, name will take default value
Employee e6=e2; //e6 will take the same value of e2

//the rest of the code
Hi thanks for requesting me. By when you need this done?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


These are a lot of questions..Does the price of $70 sound ok for 7 questions
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

how much for 24 more question

are they multiple choice ques
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Around $170 total
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i just do the 7 question for 70 can u have it done in a hour

yes..You may add the difference as bonus when i give answer
Customer: replied 4 years ago.


please download solution from

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