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Suryanto, Programmer
Category: Programming
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Experience:  Programmer, 9 years experience in VBA(Excel, Word, Outlook and Access) programming
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VBA to get path of Excel File from which it is running

Resolved Question:

I would like to store some audio information in a folder which also stores an Excel spreadsheet. I want to be able to move this folder around. Ingo has pointed me in the direction so I now know how to write VBA code to play  an audiofile if I know the full path of the aduio file.  E.G., I would like VBA code such that if the code isrunning in Excel worksheet C:/Folder1/Folder2/MySheet.xlm then code will return the string "C:/Folder1/Folder2/"
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Programming
Expert:  John D replied 6 years ago.

Can you copy the code that you are using to play the audio and paste here so I can take a look
Customer: replied 6 years ago.


Hi John


Here's the code.



Public Declare Function sndPlaySound32 _
Lib "winmm.dll" _
Alias "sndPlaySoundA" ( _
ByVal lpszSoundName As String, _
ByVal uFlags As Long) As Long


Sub test()
'sndPlaySound32 "C:\Windows\Media\Chimes.wav", 0&
sndPlaySound32 "C:\Users\George\My Documents\Timothy's Academics\Timothy's Spanish\Testing123.wav", 0&
End Sub



I got it from a website recommended by Ingo U. But the problem is not with this code, which works. The problem is that I want to create a folder called "Sounds" in the folder which contains the Worksheet which runs the code. I want to be able to move the folder which contains the both worksheet and the folder "Sounds" around to different computers.

I need the VBA code to access sound in the folder "Sounds" which is inside the folder containing the worksheet. It is no good if the string containing the path to these audio files is written in the VBA code and can't change when the folder which contains both the worksheet and "sounds"is moved around.


Suppose the folder containing the worksheet is c:\folder1\folder2

What I need is code like



Function PathToThisWorksheet() as string

' this function returns "c:\folder1\folder2\ in the example mentioned above"

end sub


So That I can play audio file "MyAudio1.wav"with the following code


sub test3


sndPlaySound32 PathToThisWorksheet & "Sounds\" & "MyAudio1.wav"





Expert:  John D replied 6 years ago.

In the Sub test()

add this line at the beginning of the code

myPath = "C:\Users\George\My Documents\Timothy's Academics\Timothy's Spanish\Testing123.wav"




then in the line that follows replace that text between the quotes. e.g.

"C:\Users\George\My Documents\Timothy's Academics\Timothy's Spanish\Testing123.wav"


with the variable myPath


This way you will be able to retrieve the path by referring to the variable myPath


Hope this helps.


Customer: replied 6 years ago.

John, I guess I didn't make my situation clear. Imagine I create the workbook "SpanishTest.xlm" and save it in folder


C:\Users\George\My Documents\Timothy's Academics\Timothy's Spanish\


Imagine further that this folder, besides containing "SpanishTest.xlm" also contains the folder "Sounds". If I want to play the sound Testing123.wav, I could do so using the following code


mypath = "C:\Users\George\My Documents\Timothy's Academics\Timothy's Spanish\Sounds\Testing123.wav"


sndPlaySound32 mypath, 0&


Now Imagine that I save the entire folder


C:\Users\George\My Documents\Timothy's Academics\Timothy's Spanish


to a thumb drive and copy it to the desktop of Timothy's computer. I go into this folder on the desktop of Timothy's computer and doubleclick on SpanishTest.xlm. Now the code to play Testing123.wav won't work because the specified path is no longer relevant. I don't want to have to change the VBA code every time I move the folder


Timothy's Spanish


to a new location.


Recall that when you try to do a "Save As" in Excel, the program remembers the path from which the workbook was loaded and suggests this path as the location to which the new workbook will be saved. What I am trying to do is find out how I might use VBA to grab hold of that suggested path, put the path into a string variable, and use this string variable to create the path to the folder "Sounds" where the file Testing123.wav is located. The folder "Sounds"will always be in the same folder as the folder from which Spanishtest.xlm, the active workbook, was loaded.


Expert:  John D replied 6 years ago.
As this is going to take some time to review the remarks and resolve the issue I will opt put so the question becomes open to all experts
Expert:  Suryanto replied 6 years ago.
Dear Customer,

Welcome to Justanswer.

I am Suryanto and I will assist you.

Use this

Function PathToThisWorksheet() as string

PathToThisWorksheet = ThisWorkbook.Path & "\"
end sub

Hope this helps

Thank you



Suryanto, Programmer
Category: Programming
Satisfied Customers: 596
Experience: Programmer, 9 years experience in VBA(Excel, Word, Outlook and Access) programming
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