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SQL Unit 2 1 1. For some unknown reason, HR decided to

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Unit 2 – 1
1. For some unknown reason, HR decided to change the hire date of all the employees that were added today, to tomorrow (09/13/2005). Update the database to reflect this change. Make sure your changes get saved to the database.

2. Due to budget cuts, the IT department was closed. Delete the IT department from your database. Did this work? Why or why not?

3. Explain how you could delete the IT department without deleting all the employees who work for that department.

4. The price of grilled steak increased by 2 dollars. Update the database to show this change. Show your sql below.

5. The lunches scheduled for the 5 of December has been moved to the 15th of December. Update the database to show this change. Show your sql below.

6. A new supplier, RGF (Really Good Food) has been approved. RGF supplys all the same items as CBC, but 50 cents cheaper. Show the insert statements required to enter this information into the l_foods and l_suppliers table.

Unit 2 – 2
1. Create a new table using the following column structure from the l_foods table: supplier_id, product_code, menu_item, description and price. Call the table l_foods_lt5. Populate the l_foods_lt5 table to include all the foods that cost less than $5.00.
Unit 3 – 1
1. From the l_employees table, list all the different combinations of dept_code and credit_limit. Count the number of employees who are in each of these categories. Sort the rows by dept_code and then by credit_limit. Exclude the ‘SHP’ department in your results. Show only the dept_code, with a credit limit of over 12.50.

2. From the l_lunches table, count the number of lunches served each day. (The day the lunch is served is the lunch_date.)



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