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Explain the difference between a function prototype and a fu

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Explain the difference between a function prototype and a function definition. Use a C++ program segment to illustrate your answer
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A function prototype declares the details of how to call a function. For this reason, it is also known as a function declaration.

For example:

// Below is a prototype for the add function, which adds two numbers and returns the result.
int add(int a, int b);

A function definition repeats and must match the prototype but additionally includes the body of the function. The body is the actual source code that implements the function's behavior.

For example:

int add (int a, int b) // Matches the prototype
    return a + b; // Performs the actual add

Separating a function's prototype from is definition allows a function to call a second function without knowing about how the second function is implemented. The first function only knows about the prototype. This allows a programmer to divide code for a program into multiple source files that are later linked together.

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