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Having problem opening quatro pro files with windows 7

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Having problem opening quatro pro files with windows 7

Excel stopped supporting Quattro Pro files with Office 2007. If you need to open your Quattro Pro files in Excel, you'll need to convert them to a format that Excel supports. Microsoft provides some conversion utilities here:

If you still have Quattro Pro around on another machine, you can export the files as other formats that are still compatible with Excel.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

I have Quatro Pro installed in my new Windows 7 computer. When I got the computer I installed WordPerfect Office 11. Some of the time the Quatro Pro files don't open, some of the time they do. Why does this happen. I've heard of this happening to other people but don't know how to correct it. Please help.


Okay, when you say they "don't open" do you get an error message of any kind?

Are you opening the files via the File | Open menu in Quattro Pro, or are you double-clicking the files?

Do any of the files that won't open have macros in them? Do any of the ones that *do* open have macros in them?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.

None of them have marcos in them. I'm openning various ways......File, then double click on file, look for file in folders and double click, etc. I noticed that sometimes it also happens when I try to open a WordPerfect file.

So, what happens when you try to open a file? Do you get an error message? Does nothing happen?

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
A window comes up saying "Quatro Pro has stopped working, windows is checking for a solution". the window has a broad blue strip that moves from left to right as though something is trying to get worked out. Then a final window comes up saying that "the problem caused the problem to stop working and windows will advise if a solution is found".
Okay, thanks for that info.

You're running a fairly old version of WordPerfect/Quattro. It would appear that there is some incompatibility with Windows 7, which wouldn't be surprising.

According to Corel's web site, the only version of WordPerfect Office that's "Windows 7 ready" is X4. Microsoft's compatibility directory only shows that version, as well, but they call it WordPerfect Office 14. You may want to consider upgrading to that version.

Another option may be Windows 7 XP mode. Microsoft recommends installing XP applications directly in Windows 7, but offers XP mode for older applications that can't run properly under W7. The bad news is that XP mode only works on certain versions of W7 and your PC needs to have the required resources. You can check out all those details here:

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