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What are entity integrity and referential integrity? Why are

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What are entity integrity and referential integrity? Why are they important for relational databases? Please provide examples to support your answers.

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Thank you for the question. Entity integrity is a database rule that states that 1) Every table should have a primary key, and 2) The value entered in the primary key must be unique, and not null. For example, in a database containing student information, the primary key in the "Student" table would likely be a student ID, or social security number. When inserting a new student in to this table, the student ID or social security number would be unique, and not null. If it were not unique, or not null, we would not have any good way to identify the new student.

Referential integrity is a property of a database that requires all properties of one particular table to be included in another. If we are not allowed to have duplicate student ID's in the Student table, we should also not have duplicate ID's in the StudentTranscript table. Using this example, we would also have all students in the StudentTranscript table that we have in the Student table. A foreign key is commonly defined in referential integrity as the value that indicates a relationship between a set of records across tables.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to assist further. Thanks again!
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