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ATLPROG, Computer Software Engineer
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I am trying to get the solution to phase 5 of the binary bomb

Customer Question

I am trying to get the solution to phase 5 of the binary bomb problem. Since I'm only allowed to type in a limited amount of characters this is the essential part of the code. I can provide more if needed: 0x08048d43 : and $0xf,%eax 0x08048d46 : mov %eax,-0xc(%ebp) 0x08048d49 : mov $0x0,%edx 0x08048d4e : mov $0x0,%ecx 0x08048d53 : cmp $0xf,%eax 0x08048d56 : je 0x8048d6b 0x08048d58 : mov $0x804a5c0,%ebx 0x08048d5d : inc %edx 0x08048d5e : mov (%ebx,%eax,4),%eax 0x08048d61 : add %eax,%ecx 0x08048d63 : cmp $0xf,%eax 0x08048d66 : jne 0x8048d5d 0x08048d68 : mov %eax,-0xc(%ebp) 0x08048d6b : cmp $0xb,%edx 0x08048d6e : jne 0x8048d75 0x08048d70 : cmp -0x8(%ebp),%ecx 0x08048d73 : je 0x8048d7a
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Programming