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12. While sophisticated file managers implement file sharing,

Resolved Question:

12. While sophisticated file managers implement file sharing, by allowing several users to access a single copy of a file at the same time, others implement file sharing by providing a copy of the file to each user. List the advantages and disadvantages of each method.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Programming
Expert:  Sabertooth replied 8 years ago.
When several users access the same file there always is a problem that one user can change the permissions of the file and also and therefore other users cannot access the file owing to the first users act.

But wen every user has a copy of the file they can use it any which way they want to but the user and not one user will have the individual liberty as in the first case.

The problem tht can arise in the second case is that is tht of consistency and synchronisation.
Since each user has got the same file and is not in touch with what the other users are doing with their files the extent of synchronisation that wud b required here would be more and at times impossible.

whereas in the first case every user has to remotely access a single copy of the file and as a result the level of synchronisation would also be more and efficient.

Also wen users access a file which is at the server end there is a danger tht if the server crashes the file will also be lost.
As a result it doesn provide fail safe.

But when there are multiple copies of the file with different users a server failure would also not stop the work of the users of the file

so on the whole:-
in the first case:

1:not secure at times
2:Doesn provide failsafe.Also since it is centralised the load is more on the server to secure its data.

the second case:
2:every user will have the same right.
3:provides failsafe as different users have multile copies.Data is decentralised and users need not be too much dependent on the server.

2:very high amount of synchronisation required

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