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Create a java program that will convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit

Resolved Question:

Create a java program that will convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit or Fahrenheit to Celsius. Here are the requirements:
Use Scanner for input (no GUI)
The program will have three methods; main, convert Fahrenheit to Celsius method, convert Celsius to Fahrenheit method. have one parameter which is an int representing the temperature
returns an int which represents the calculated temperature
does the appropriate calculation
should not display information to the user
should not take in information from the user
Requirements of the main method
Asks the user to input a '1' for converting Fahrenheit to Celsius, a '2' for converting Celsius to Fahrenheit, and a '3' to end the program.
Includes a while loop that loops until the user enters a '3'.
Asks the user to enter a temperature
Calls the appropriate method to do the conversion.
Displays the results of the conversion.
The formulas for converting are as follows:
Fahrenheit = (9* Celsius)/5 + 32;
Celsius = (Fahrenheit-32)/9 *5
You may check your formula using some of these:
95 degrees Fahrenheit equals 35 degrees Celsius
20 degrees Celsius is 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Programming
Expert:  Philip Chapman replied 8 years ago.
package temperature;

import java.util.Scanner;

* An application which will convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius or from Celsius
* to Fahrenheit.
public class Converter {

* The entry point of the application.
* @param args No arguments expected.
public static void main(String[] args)
int choice;
int temp1;
int temp2;
String from;
String to;
Scanner kb = new Scanner(;
do {
choice = -1;
System.out.println("\nConvert temperature:\n");
System.out.println("\t1 - Convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius");
System.out.println("\t2 - Convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit");
System.out.println("\t3 - Exit");
choice = kb.nextInt();

switch (choice) {
case 1:
System.out.println("\nEnter the temperature in Fahrenheit:");
temp1 = kb.nextInt();
temp2 = convertToCelsius(temp1);
from = "Fahrenheit";
to = "Celsius";
case 2:
System.out.println("\nEnter the temperature in Celsius:");
temp1 = kb.nextInt();
temp2 = convertToFahrenheit(temp1);
from = "Celsius";
to = "Fahrenheit";
continue; // no input, no output
System.out.print(' ');
System.out.print(" = ");
System.out.print(' ');
} while (choice != 3);

* Converts from Fahrenheit to Celsius
* @param temp The temperature in Fahrenheit
* @return The temperature in Celsius
private static int convertToCelsius(int temp) {
return (temp - 32) / 9 * 5;

* Converts from Celsius to Fahrenheit
* @param temp The temperature in Celsius
* @return The temperature in Fahrenheit
private static int convertToFahrenheit(int temp) {
return (9 * temp) / 5 + 32;
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