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2. Describe the major disadvantages for each of the four memory

Customer Question

2. Describe the major disadvantages for each of the four memory allocation schemes presented in this chapter.
             Best-Fit memory allocation
     Dynamic Partitions
     Fixed Partitions
     Relocatable dynamic partitions
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Programming
Expert:  ehabtutor replied 8 years ago.

Best - Fit memory Allocation

Major Disadvantages:

  • Tend to leave some very small holes which can't be used easily
  • Best-fit makes the best use of memory space but slower in making allocation


Dynamic Partitions

Major Disadvantages:

  • When processes finish and new processes are brought in, the main memory becomes more and more fragmented, and memory use declines.
  • Fully utilizes memory only when the first jobs are loaded
  • Requires dynamic relative addressing


Fixed Partitions

Major Disadvantages:

  • The number of partitions is predefined and limits the total number of active processes in the system.
  • Partition sizes are preset and small jobs do not run efficiently
  • Arbitrary partition sizes lead to undesired results
    • Too small a partition size results in large jobs having longer turnaround time
    • Too large a partition size results in memory waste or internal fragmentation

Relocatable dynamic Partitions

Major Disadvantages:

  • Time consumption is very high
  • Due to compaction Every program in memory must be relocated so they are contiguous
  • Operating system must distinguish between addresses and data values which consumes a lot of time


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Expert:  ehabtutor replied 8 years ago.

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