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How to install and run dBase IV on XP and print using USB

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How to install and run dBase IV on XP and print using USB printer?



It's not really clear. Are you having some difficulty installing, running, or printing to USB with dBase IV on an XP machine?


Is this dbase IV for DOS or Windows



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I was always told that DOS programs would not run on XP so never tried, but recently was informed that they will 'with some tweaking'. My dBase IV is the DOS version. Was also told not to use the install disks but to place the dBase folder directly in an XP folder. Hope this helps. If you want me to try to put the dbase folder on XP I will... Much appreciate your help in this... been on my mind for years.

You should be able to install dbase IV strait in the DOS box i.e. command window from the disks.


Important: dbase probably doesn't like long file names, so be sure its folder is short, e.g. c:\dbase


You wont be able to just copy the floppies to a folder and run dbase; you have to install it. Tho you could do so as a intermediary step, and THEN run the install from that folder.


Do this:

1. open the command prompt: start > run > type "cmd" > enter

2. in the black box: (hit enter after each)


md dbase

a: install (or it could be setup)


That should start installing it.


Please try that and let me know


Of course DOS doesn't know about the USB port so printing might need some tweaking.



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P.S. I grew up on dBase for DOS!


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I'm on weekend at home and will see if your answer works on an XP computer at my office
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I installed the dBase IV 2.0 as per your instructions into c:\dbase. All my finch biz files (.prg, .ndx, .dbf etc) are in c:\finchrus. I edited the config.db file to include : Files=199 and Buffers=30 and went to autoexec.bat and entered PATH=c:\dbase. Don't know if that was necessary but I did it. Well first the good news: at cmd prompt I changed the directory to C:\finchrus and typed dbase and it worked (sort of). I don't like the screen default color scheme of cyan with grey letters (VERY hard to read). Went to my manuals and i don't know how to edit the config.db file or what to say. I did read that if I put set color to in all the programs that display on screen that it will default to Black and White (true?... better suggestion?). Now the bad news: went to a program which gives me a selection of many programs that print out (usually the worksheet for today. yesterday, etc)... the system hung. That is where it was waiting for me to type a, b, c or other choice, nothing happened and the screen froze.. could input anything. So I still have not got to see if can print.
I am willing to pay more for more advice. I am a veterinarian and am trying this porting on one of 3 of my office computers (all with XP pro). More expedient to call(?) allowed(?). Much thanks, XXXXX XXXXX but I really can't do anything yet.
Geoffrey Smith, DVM

Hi Geoffrey.

Probably there are path statements inside your code that are ambigous to dBase. Or none at all.

While I dont think it was wrong to add the path statement, a better idea is to modify either config.db (if possible) or the start program you mentioned with a line to change the directory to c:\finchrus.


CD c:\finchrus


Then start dbase from its dir, not from finchrus, and it will change to finchrus.


I was unable to find anything on changing the color except in the browse statement.


Hope that helps,Karl.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I think you misunderstood me (my fault). (1) I didn't alter the config.db file in dBase directory, rather I went to command prompt (windows) and typed sysedit and edited the config.sys file for the files=199 and buffers=30.
(2) All the programs work EXCEPT when called to print.
(3) The path is OK (proof is because I can go to the C:\finchrus and type dbase and all the programs work! Yes!! Happy! (so far)
(4) I solved the color issue by typing 'set color to' [return] and the background remains black with white letters (easy solve).
(5) Therefore my current obstacle preventing me from using the program is the lack of ability to PRINT. There are 2 programs on the internet that profess to solve printing from DOS (DOSPRN and DOSPRINT). Any help to solve this 'last' hurdle' would be greatly appreciated.
Geoffrey Smith, DVM

Go ahead and try DOSPRN ( it seems that it should work.


If not, there is a way to remap a shared network printer from the LPT port to the USB. It's more complicated.


We'll try that if DOSPRN dosent work.


Karl Everest King and other Programming Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Tried the DOSPRN program (trial) and it worked! Thank you!