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How can the traffic of other users on the same wifi network

Customer Question

How can the traffic of other users on the same wifi network (whether home or commercial) be seen? Are there readily available tools and well documented techniques, or does it require advanced hacking to violate users' privacy?
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  P. Kumar replied 1 month ago.

Thanks for choosing Just Answer.

I'm Kumar and I'll assist you today. Yes, its very much possible and there is readily available material in the Internet.

You may use Wireshark for the same. I attached a link below to help understand how it works.

Please let me know if it helped. Please do share your feedback and rating at the top of this page.

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Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Could you clarify about this part of the link you provided: "If it disassociates the adapter from the SSID, and the host doesn't have any other network adapters, it will not be able to: ***** ***** to host names using a network protocol such as DNS." How can the number of network adapters be determined? How likely is the disassociation it mentions?Also, does using a VPN protect against this monitoring by rerouting packets through third-party hosts?
Expert:  P. Kumar replied 1 month ago.

I see. For VPN, there is a good link available online which shares us information on Tunneling. You may have a look.

Expert:  Mike Millslagel replied 1 month ago.

Hi My name is ***** ***** have been going through the notes. May ask what you are trying to solve for? If you are going to "sniff" the traffic, you won't be able to have an address on your nic. You need to be in promiscuous mode. Plus - looking at someone else's wireless network without permission is not the best idea. You could also try aircrack-ng. IF the information is going through a VPN, you won't be able to see the traffic. The only way to get the VPN tunnel is to do a "man in the middle".

Customer: replied 29 days ago.
Basically I'm concerned that someone else on the same network as me would be able to spy on me. I thought using a VPN would prevent that completely, but what's this "man in the middle" technique you're talking about--something easy for hackers to do to still get into the VPN?
Expert:  Mike Millslagel replied 28 days ago.

It is not easy to break into a VPN. If you are using SSL, that is a different story. THe bad guy can redirect SSL traffic and do a "man in the middle". But for someone to do that, the bad guy is pretty serious. If you use an IPSEC VPN, you will be fine. IPSEC is your friend. There are services that provide connectivity.

I hope that helps..