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I have spectrum internet and it is the 300 plan. I get 48

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I have spectrum internet and it is the 300 plan. I get 48 download and 1.5 upload. I have 3 Xbox live users 2 smart tvs and 3 computers that use the internet. At night they will all use the internet at the same time. The speed is ok but at night the tv freezes a lot. Att fiber optics is now in the neighborhood and they have 50 plan for $40. They said it was comparable to the spectrum 300 plan $70. Because we don't share with neighbors. Can you please explain which is better and why.

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The 300 plan allows up to 300 in certain areas -- I would ask Spectrum why you are only receiving 1/6 of the paid speed to see if it is an issue with your home location, router, or something else.

To be honest, I love fiber optic so I would switch over to their plan but I would still recommend calling Spectrum to see why you are not receiving your paid speed.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
The rep says it is because spectrum shares with their neighbors Is that right?

Shares with their neighbors? That doesn't make much sense. If you are paying for a 300mbps plan then you should receive near that amount. You are not sharing your connection with anyone.

I would recommend a switch to fiber as soon as possible -- You will be a lot happier with the speeds.

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