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This is actually a local group policy question related to

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This is actually a local group policy question related to Active Directory. Can you help? I switched out my laptop at work with another. I had to install the snap-in for "Active Directory Users and Computers". I got that downloaded and it opens up, but it will not let me update any objects. I can go back to the old workstation and it works fine, so I know it has something to do with the work station.

This is most likely due to the account you are signing in with. Active Directory Users and Computers grants you access to Active Directory with the account used to open it.

1. Are you using the same account on both the new and old computers?

2. Are you running the ADUC as administrator(Right click run as administrator)?

3. Is ADUC running as a different user? As your domain admin perhaps?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
1. I am using the exact same account on both.
2. I thought that might be it, but that didn't work either.
3. same account on both systems. I have the exact same rights as before. I manage only one OU that has Service Accounts for our SQL Servers. It is easier for us to manage. I am logging in with the same Domain Login Script. The only difference is the computer. That is why I thought group policy someway.

I can't think of anything in group policy that would cause this.

Copy the shortcut and the ADUC from your old pc to your new PC.

If the account you are logging into your PC with doesn't have access to the AD accounts, then you may have been using another account to launch ADUC, maybe an admin account?

Right click on the OU and go to permissions and review what permissions the account that your signing in with has. I bet that maybe another account has the rights that you have been using on your old computer.

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Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Actually I am not finished yet. The shortcut thing didn't work. I found one article that talked about a Domain Admin going to that OU path, right clicking and going into a new window and creating a link as a way for sub-users to manage a small OU. How would that appear on my end?

To do this, a domain admin would need to right click the OU that he wants to give you permissions to and select "Delegate Control". In there, he would give you the access needed by selecting your AD account, and then what control you need. This would resolve you issue with opening AD on your new computer and any computer going forward.