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How do I: Still, I found a way to get around that

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How do I:Still, I found a way to get around that restriction (and to completely encrypt my traffic on top of that):Needed:- A remote access via ssh to any server out there. This can be bought by very little money - just look for VPS, virtual server offerings
- Server Auditor, one of the many ssh clients for Android
- Ad-hoc wifi activated (your phone becomes a wifi router like this)Your ssh client needs to be able to do "dynamic port forwarding" which is also known as SOCKS proxy server. On the command line that would equal tossh -D <local ip address of device>:<port number> [email protected] -D [email protected] laptop can now connect to the wifi on the phoneWhat you now need to do, and this varies depending on the OS/Browser couple you're using, is setting the proxy to be- enabled
- type SOCKS
- pointing to e.g. port 9999---on my samsung galaxy j6 ?using lyca mobile

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