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MikeW, LAN/WAN Engineer
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Ok... here we go i am a tech savvy in house IT guy for a

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ok... here we go i am a tech savvy in house IT guy for a small company. Our network consists of 2 computers using wifi only, 1 ethernet connected computer, 2 VOIP phones, a security DVR, a credit card machine for sales, and a cell phone booster tower. according to vonage phones i need to run them thru an airport extreme to work properly.heres whats happening i am using all 4 port on the back of the Comcast supplied router. the never blink green only amber when an ethernet cable is plugged in but it is working. the last port on the router goes to the airport extreme that the VOIP phones plug into. the 3rd port goes to a 12 port switch. ( only usinfg 3 of them) everything will be runnign smoothly for 24 hour increments. after that my entire network crashes!!!! but the lights on the front of my router stay online and upstream downstream working. Even the wifi stops working. i Must disconnect the airport extreme and the 12 port switch and only use the 4 ports on the back of the router. and thats not enough ports. any idea on what can be choking my network. we do not stream music, or video. and i have 50mps+ download speed.

Hello my name is Mike. Sounds like you got a serious loop in your network someplace. Maybe something you got plugged into that switch looping back thru the airport extreme. I would try leaving something off for awhile to see what it is.

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