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Claws224, IEEE Network Engineer
Category: Networking
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Experience:  IEEE, Microsoft
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Aloha, I wrote this little list. It is a little over 600

Customer Question

I wrote this little list. It is a little over 600 words
long. Maybe someone could look it over and find an
expert that has extensive experience with these types of
things in Skype. I need to find an expert who is comfortable
with this stuff (I need more than just installing a web
cam and getting a Skype account). If the expert is more
of a software developer/back-end programmer tech
instead of a communications-oriented Skype end-
user person, your assistance in re-directing my call
call help would be most appreciated.
I have used Skype and other video conferencing
applications at work for several years. I have, however,
only used Skype on my own twice, but those 2 sessions
confirmed that my new Logitech Pro 9000 web cam
is working and that the latest updated version of
Skype ( is working. If it is ok with
you, I would first like to start a Skype session
and if we cannot connect you could call me at
***.***.****. That is what I did with my first test
call to my brother in Florida. It was instructive.
I learned I could not have Logitech open and use
Skype at the same time. So... first I would like to
record our session, by first recording a little bit,
and then finding where the recording is on my
hard drive (the file folder) and then play it back
to confirm that I know that recording works.
Is there a capability to take a picture also? I took
a picture of my brother, but after I took the picture,
I could not find it on my hard drive.
Then we would start the recording again, and
1. (w/ group video calls & screen-sharing being free
for a couple years) I would like to become familiar
with screen sharing and arranging (if that is
possible) my screen's video boxes and dialogue boxes
2. and more than screen sharing, then find out how
COMPUTER sharing and group sharing works.
There is a YouTube video where two ladies
are in “chat mode” and BOTH of their mice
are moving on the screen at once (at the same time).
3. Could we then try a group/conference test call
with you and my brother and then can you show me
how to right click and “edit message” to edit stuff that
I have recently sent and then in the Tools-> Options,
somehow change the “IM Appearance,” and change
Skype's font to a little bit bigger size?
4. I have dragged jpg pictures, Word documents, and
Mp4 files to the “Via Skype” area in the lower
right corner of the Skype window, but then, there
are probably more tools, functions, capabilities,
add-ons, tips, and tricks that would be of value
to me as I make connections to learn French via Skype
and add contacts/connections to teach English via Skype.
5. I am not interested in Mojis and emoticons frills, WiFi,
PBX, Smart or Android phone, tablet, or mobile usage,
6. but I would like to test the Skype Translator. My brother
in Florida speaks Spanish. During our call with him,
could you show me how the Skype Translator works
or is that even what it is? Is it more like Google
7. And if you have a list of YouTube non-Skype sites like
that would be helpful. I have found the sites
to be singularly un-instructive.
8. Finally, I am interested in starting a chat with a “bot”.
How do you click on the “bots” and start typing?
How do you find the “bots”~ in which Skype directory?
How do you add “bots” that are not available in
Skype and which ones, from your experience, would
be useful for someone like me learning French
and wanting to teach English via Skype?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Networking
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Aloha, the message at the top of the screen said that a couple folks were looking at my question.
Do my questions about Skype's ins-and-outs look like anyone's area of expertise and interest?
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Should I stay here with the computer, or would it be better to give you my phone number
and wait for a call back. Out here in Hawaii my cell number in ***.***.****.
Customer: replied 8 months ago.
I will leave this page for now. If your expert could email me ([email protected]) please.
My phone plan does not have texting. I look forward to hearing from a Skype expert.
Expert:  Kris R replied 8 months ago.


Expert:  Kris R replied 8 months ago.


Customer: replied 8 months ago.
Thank you!