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I'm trying to get my Canon ip110 printer to connect with my

Customer Question

I'm trying to get my Canon ip110 printer to connect with my laptop wirelessly but can't figure out how to do it.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Richard replied 1 year ago.

Hi there and welcome

To do this,

Connect the printer to the computer via the usb cable

Then follow the instructions step by step here

Once done, you can disconnect the USB cable and use it wirelessly.

Let me know please how you go.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Richard:I got your response right away and tried it to fix my problem.It didn’t work and I tried to contact you.I think I’m pretty computer savvy but communication at this point was impossible.I tried to contact you, and the website looped me back thru as a new customer.I tried a number of things with no difference in the result.For instance, I got (what later seemed to be an automated response) that you wanted more details, but in the chat box, there was no area or way for me to answer. Very frustrating.So, I tried to use the website to respond to you and I got in the loop.Long story short…after wasting about an hour with this, I’ moved on.The instructions you sent me to had me go thru Canon’s install process and it worked……but not the way I need it to. It would only print thru my network.It would not let me connect directly with the printer to do wireless printing.I need to use the printer remotely where I won’t have internet or network connection so I was still in a pickle.FYI, what I eventually realized on my own (this is not documented in the Canon manuals at all) is that if you are already connected to a network, it automatically restricts you to connect that way and doesn’t give you the option to connect directly to the printer.In order to do a direct connect to your printer, you have to disconnect from all networks, then it allows direct connect and works.Later, if you want to print directly, you again, have to disconnect from all networks for it to work.Canon tells you that you may be disconnected from your network or that existing network connections won’t work, but it never tells you that you need to manually disconnect from all networks in order for it to work.A lesson that took me another hour to realize on my own.So, since your cure didn’t cure my problem, I don’t feel I should pay for the advice.I don’t think this is so much your fault as the website. Had I been able to communicate with you, you may have been able to help me.The help was as simple as “disconnect from all networks, then try it again” and I’d been set.I don’t know if you’ve had other folks report this problem but it was really frustrating to have you ask me for info and I had no way to respond.Tom
Expert:  Richard replied 1 year ago.

ok, not sure why you could not reply... no other customers had any issues, but you can contact customer service for a refund on