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Randy IT Tech
Randy IT Tech, Network Administrator
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I just purchased a DWA-160 Wireless adapter Win 7 computer

Customer Question

Hi, I just purchased a DWA-160 Wireless adapter for a Win 7 computer that I have just moved into my home office that had no wireless. The adapter shows as being connected to the internet, but can not connect to anything. I have the a D-Link router and the same adapter working on a winXP machine...and this machine will connect with a wired connection. so it seems like something is not right somewhere.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Randy IT Tech replied 1 year ago.
    1. Try this please, connect the computer to an ethernet cable and then In the Start menu, right-click on Computer to select Manage

      Step 2: On the left, select Device Manager to bring it up on the right.

      Note: If the Driver software has not installed correctly, the partially installed adapter will come up in the Other devicesgroup. Just as it is shown in the previous image.

      Step 3: Right click on the unknown adapter to Update Driver Software..

      Step 4: Click to Search automatically for updated driver software.

      Note: If Windows was unable to install your Adapter, Windows may not be set to install automatically.

      Step 5: Make sure the proper settings are selected by arriving to them with the followings routes:

      Windows 7/Vista: Clink on Start > Right click Computer > Properties > Advanced system settings > Hardware tab > Device Installation Settings

      Step 6: Click on Save Settings or OK to apply the change.

      Confirmation of a successful Driver installation is achieved when the model of your adapter is label and listed in theNetwork adapters group of the Device Manager.


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The adapter is shown as being installed, and reports as 'device is working correctly'. The SSID of my router indicates as having Internet access in Network Center, but it won't allow a connection to anything on the internet. I'd say it was a DNS issue of some sort...but it works under a wired connection to the same router with identical DNS settings (both using standard DHCP).
Expert:  Randy IT Tech replied 1 year ago.

okay, go back to it in device manager and then right click on the device and choose uninstall.

Then reboot the computer install it again following these steps please> Step 1: Use an Ethernet cable and plug your computer directly to your router. Make sure Internet is accessible.

Step 2: Place your new adapter in the proper slot or port.

Step 3: With your computer running, a bubble message will appear stating that this device was not installed successfully. Left click on the message.

Step 4: On driver installation failure, you can change the setting to use Windows Update by clicking Change setting...

Step 5: Chose to allow Windows to update your driver when it is not found on you computer.

Step 6: Once the driver installs successfully, close the window.

Step 7: Click/Right Click on the Network Icon located on the system tray to View the Available Wireless Networks. Find your personal Network and double click to connect. It should request for a wireless key, which by now should have been set up.

At this point, there should be a connection to your Network.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I uninstalled, rebooted and I never got a message that the driver failed to install. The adapter still appears to be installed correctly, but as soon as I unplug the wired connection, no internet connectivity, even though by every indication the wireless adapter is working correctly.
Expert:  Randy IT Tech replied 1 year ago.

okay, try powering the router off for about one minute and then power back on and check.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
been there, done that
Expert:  Randy IT Tech replied 1 year ago.

okay, try this next please>

Follow these steps to use the reset command to reset TCP/IP manually:

  1. To open a command prompt, click Start and then type CMD in the Search programs and files.
  2. Right-click CMD.exe icon in Programs and choose Run as administrator.
  3. At the command prompt,type the following command and then press ENTER: netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
  4. Reboot the computer.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Did that...twice. Nothing changes. It appears to reset the connection, and prompts me to reboot, but no resetlog.txt file is created.
Expert:  Randy IT Tech replied 1 year ago.

okay, that sounds normal for the netsh ip reset.

Let me check on some other options for you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
After doing some more looking, I do not expect to be charged anything for this by Just Answers. For one thing, I had thought you were associated with D-Link, as your window popped up off of their website, but I now realize you are as far as I am concerned this entire transaction was initiated under false pretenses. And in the end, not only did you not help me solve the issue, you did offer anything beyond what I had already tried, and in the end simply wasted my time.

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