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Category: Networking
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Lease recommend at&t dsl modem match router

Customer Question

lease recommend at&t dsl modem for best match for ea9200 router
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Wes replied 2 years ago.

For DSL or UVerse?

Expert:  Wes replied 2 years ago.

First of all, I generally recommend to people that they take the DSL/Cable/Uverse modem provided by their internet service provider. The reason being is that I have seen DSL/Cable modem units fail after 3 or 4 years. Often that's not even enough time for a purchased unit to pay for itself over a rented unit. If it's a rented unit, the provider will simply replace it (often with a newer model), but if you bought it... you're stuck buying the replacement. Also, providers seem to be much more cooperative in helping you with problems if you're using their equipment. It sounds shady, but it's the truth. Performance-wise case your transfer speeds are (generally) not going to be affected by the DSL modem (unless it's obsolete) because its broadband speed is so far beneath the optimal speed of most routers. The EA9200 is rated at 3.2GBit transfer speeds, and unless you're using Google Fiber... which is in the Gigabit range, your DSL router will be far beneath that (probably by a factor of 1000). If you are being forced by AT&T to purchase a DSL modem have they given you any choices?