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Claws224, IEEE Network Engineer
Category: Networking
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Experience:  IEEE, Microsoft
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I have a dell inspiron computer and a dell2130 cn printer.

Customer Question

I have a dell inspiron computer and a dell2130 cn printer. The printere won't print, but the compuere says everything is fine. I have connected by both usb and wifi and nothing. They worked fine together for the last year
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Jason Jones replied 2 years ago.
My name is Jason. I look forward to helping you today.
When you plug the printer into the computer via usb cable, does the printer recognize when it is plugged in?
Thank you,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

It claims to.

Expert:  Jason Jones replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for the update.
May I start a remote screen sharing session with you so that I can better help you resolve this problem?
When the remote begins, a chat window will appear that we can use to communicate with each other.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I'll have to pick this up tomorrow. I have an appointment in another town in 15 minutes.

Expert:  Jason Jones replied 2 years ago.
Hello Tom,
When you are ready to continue, please post a message here. I will be here tomorrow.
Thank you,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


Thank you for following up. I needed an answer immediately the night I registered with you. When I didn't get it, I had to race onto an appointment. After getting back I had multiple medical crises which continued for 1 week. At that point, your original question about the networking of the computer and printer became a pressing issue for me. They were networked. The computer had the printer driver. Both worked individually but not jointly. I reviewed much information on the internet. At one point, the infomation said something MSIE folder and I didn't have one. There alternately seemed to be network issues but the computer is wifi though desktop so I figured that was not really the problem. People had issues like mine on Dell printers and HP printers which led me again to think it was Microsoft issue. (I have had many problems over the years when Microsoft comes up with a Windows Update!) I still don't have my stereophonic wireless headphones working and I've had blue screen issues. The blue screen cost me a computer it shouldn't and a bunch of data. I only learned after a subsequent blue screen how to fix that on XP. Haven't had it and hope not to on 8.1. Anyway, in all my searching for an answer to my MSIE issue which I thought was the cause of my inability ot even install the printer again, I found I needed to take care of some spooling issues. After clearing everything out, there was still one notice saying a document was still caught in queue and not spooling. I cleared that. Turned off the computer. Turned on the computer. Let it discover the printer (which some folks said did not work for them and not to do.) The computer now works with the printer and my laptop on the same network which couldn't read squat and couldn't print for over a year (I've been using a flash drive to transfer printing data) now works flawlessly. I think you would have gotten frustrated if you'd gotten on remotely and then said my problem either was a networking issue which in the end it wasn't or that I needed to scrap the printer and get a new one which I didn't. Thank you for help. I'll be back if I encounter another problem.

Expert:  Jason Jones replied 2 years ago.
Hello Tom,
Thank you for your time, the chance to work with you, and for the update.
I am a member of all computer, networking, and cell phone categories. If you ever need anything else, please let me know.
I'm online most hours of the day and only a brief time away.

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