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I need help getting an online number that appear as landline

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I need help getting an online number that appear as landline and not voip. I see people getting numbers from at&t and verizon and forward it to another number but i need to know the secret behind this if anyone can help.

I'd be more than happy to assist you. I think you might want to have a look at Google Voice. If works from a landline, a computer, or an Android cell phone. Lots of options, and it's free. Click below for more information.


Google Voice


If that's not what you're looking for let me know, but based on your aforementioned requirements, I think Google Voice will suit your needs.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You do not have an idea of my question. Do you know what PVA are? Phone numbers that works on craiglist for verification? They cannot be VOIP numbers like google voice. They must appear like landline number when searched.


Thanks for clarifying and I totally understand you now. I believe something like Vonage would work. While they are VOiP their numbers come out of landline blocks so the same issue if CL verification won't be an issue.

The other option is have your phone company setup a landline but have it forwarded to any number you want you would just explain to them you don't need actual termination at your house just have the telco forward it. Your incoming calls will appear to go to a landline. But obviously you cannot make outgoing calls from your cell on an actual landline.

Other than the options I listed above I do not know of any other tricks that would work
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Which phone company offer this service please?

You local phone company can do it. If you don't know who your local phone provider is provide me your state and I can list the telco and CLECs who also provide service.

Vonage us countrywide. If you go that route check remember they are VoIP but their numbers come from landline blocks.

Local phone service is actually true landline but you simply tell them you want a permanent forward to your cell and no termination / demarc required at your home.