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I have my internet service through Comcast Xfiniti. The download

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I have my internet service through Comcast Xfiniti. The download speed is supposed to be 'up to 25 MBPS' for the 'Performance' package I have but I never come close to this. The best speed I can get in the middle of the night is around 12 to 14 MBPS. During business hours it slows down to 5 to 7 MBPS. I have also noticed that if I sign on using Google Chrome the download speed is about half what it is if I sign on using Internet Explorer. Why is this? My client IP is


Bill G.
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You are getting throttled by Comcast. When they say UP to 25mbps, what they really mean is that you will get 10-20mbps with a possibility of 25mbps or higher.

When I had Comcast, I had the UP to 50mbps package and sometimes it would be 70mbps and other times it would be 40 during different hours.

I would suggest that you ask Comcast to come out and check the line that is going to the modem. If you have a bad line into the modem, it will lower your speed. They can also run any tests needed to check the speed.
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