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I just bought a Canon MG 5350, great printer/scanner as far

Customer Question

I just bought a Canon MG 5350, great printer/scanner as far as quality and functions, and really easy to setup...or so it seemed. First setup was so simple, had it working over our wifi network within minutes, tested it from a pc laptop, from a mac pro, and from an iphone, all found the printer immediately and everything was perfect. next day i printed another document from my mac pro with no problem, but today i tried to print, "printer not found", i tried from my iphone - "no airprinters found" - so i went and reset the printer network settings and just for a second the printer came back on the network, i could see it on my iphone, but in less than a minute was gone again, so i reset the password XXXXX the printer again, once again it appeared on the network, but instantly dropped out again, i powered down and restarted and tried again but same thing, i just cannot get it to stay on the network now, it joins but then just drops out again. four different computers (mac and pc), two ipads and four iphones cannot connect to it.
any ideas ?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Russell H. replied 4 years ago.
Hi, thank you for contacting My name is Russell. I will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

If no network settings on any device on the network was changed, &
if no new radiating device was added to the general area (-cordless phones can be a problem in a WiFi context, since they operate on the same frequency band... unless you turn them, and their base stations, Off and unplug the base station too for thoroughness), &
if no setting on the local WiFi router box or other networking box was changed, &
if other WiFi devices on the same local network are not having problems talking to each other... e.g. if you get internet through WiFi, make sure it does not have the same problem as the printer has, etc...

then your printer is presumably defective from supplier. You should, I think, return it to the supplier or vendor or store, complaining of unstable and/or an intermittent and/or only very brief and temporary connectivity problem.

(If the return period has expired, then the printer is still covered by Canon's 1-year warranty and you should contact Canon if the store or vendor says they can't take it back for exchange for another - fully working - printer.)

- If there is anything lacking in this answer, please " Reply " letting me know, and I will try to improve upon my answer.
- If this is the Answer that helps with the issue, then rating my Answer positively would be appreciated.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yeah we thought that might be the case, but we already had the previous model, this is now the second printer, same problem, i doubt both are defective in the same way?
Have also called BT and they say that if other wifi devices are working then its nothing to do with their equipment.

Expert:  Russell H. replied 4 years ago.
Given that the printer has already been replaced, I don't know what else to suggest, aside from perhaps replacing your wireless router box. So I am Opting Out, opening the case to other Experts in this category.
Expert:  Chris replied 4 years ago.
Hello, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to assist. It sounds like your router is not running dual band right now. You need to have it able to run 2.4 ghz as well as 5ghz. If you can get in the router and try this setting, please let me know. If you need assistance, please reply back with the model of the router so that I can assist. I hope your day is going well.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Its not a dual band router :(
But how can it be that if it worked ok to start with?
Expert:  Chris replied 4 years ago.
I have seen it happen. The MHZ is all to do with distances. Have you tried a router reset?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yeah I reset the router before I re-entered the password XXXXX the printer. I tried it again today and managed to print a page from a pc laptop but by the time I got to my mac 2 mins later it had disappeared again from the network. I think ill just have to go back to the old way of sending all print files to the pc hard wired to the printer, not ideal but at least it works.
Expert:  Chris replied 4 years ago.
The last thing I would recommend would be a factory reset on the router. It may help in this case. Are you opposed to that?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
We've just done a factory reset 6 days ago under BT's advice because we had problems with our BT vision TV, is it worth doing it again?
Expert:  Chris replied 4 years ago.
I think it is. That is my last idea unless the printer has a faulty wireless card in it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok, I'll have to wait till the morning as Mrs R is watching a movie and won't be chuffed if I interrupt it :). Ill try it and get back to you, thanks for your suggestions.
Expert:  Chris replied 4 years ago.
Not a problem. I am glad to assist any time it is convenient for you. Have a great night.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK so another reset of the router and yay it came back....but only for a minute, managed to print one email and then dropped off again - :( grrrrrr. BUT i have now moved the printer, theres not many places in the room where a printer can go so i initially chose the spot closest to the router and away from as many electrical and metal objects as possible, now its a little further away but still well within the spec range of 50m (although i know this is rarely achievable in a house full of tech/brick/metal etc) and its right next to a metal filing cabinet, which i avoided before, but its now been on for 15 minutes, i've printed 3 pages from 3 devices, holding my breath with fingers crossed :)

Expert:  Chris replied 4 years ago.
Great! Please keep me updated. I'm glad to hear it came up.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK so its much better now ive moved it but its still dropping out so it must just be on the edge of its range, thats pretty poor as my ipad picks up the network there just fine and they are notoriously crap for range. its only approx 15m from the router through 1 brick wall and 1 wooden floor. but i still find it strange that everytime i search for the network on the printer it sees it straight away but for some reason the signal isnt strong or consistent enough to stay connected to it....hmmmm...i'll have to keep experimenting with the position, maybe i'll try just putting it in the hall next to the router for a day and see if it works there ok, then i know for sure its just out of range or suffering some interference from something, i've moved phones and everything else away from both it and the router as much as possible. i'll let you know later if i have any further results.

Expert:  Chris replied 4 years ago.
I can tell you right now that you are pushing the distance on that printer. What you may want to do is get a signal repeater to extend the range. They are not expensive and that would eliminate your troubles all together.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I did have a repeater when we had Virgin internet, but now we're on BT it wont work anymore because the BT router changes channels automatically to avoid interference with the neighbours both sides and the church behind us (who have some mighty powerful signal) so the repeater wont pickup the router when it changes channel, i did turn that function off and have a fixed channel but because the 3 routers around me are obviously on automatic too there were some days when it would clash, we had a BT engineer round and thats what he deduced too and said I had to run it on automatic. I've started installing Ethernet cable but its a lot of time and effort and i havent got it to the upstairs yet, got it out in the garden shed now - best internet in the whole house :)
Once i get that through the floors and upstairs all my worries will be over :)

Expert:  Chris replied 4 years ago.
Hard wiring is always the best if it's possible. You may want to go ahead and get a range extender. It uses WPS or your WIFI key and the channel doesn't affect it. If it's convenient to grab one, you could always return it if it doesn't help. I would certainly do that though unless you are wanting to hard wire the printer. Please keep me updated. I do agree with the idea though of using the cable and your problem would be solved for good!

Expert:  Russell H. replied 4 years ago.

If I may put in my opinion: the situation, now that it is fully explained, does account for the occasional failure of the signal connection between printer and router:
1. the router is shifting channels, "because the BT router changes channels automatically to avoid interference with the neighbours both sides and the church behind us (who have some mighty powerful signal)"
2. it is a BT router with that capability
3. the printer is not designed to shift channels - ? - I would think not, not automatically at any rate, and so loses the connection when such a shift occurs, and/or also
4. the nearby signal interference, plus brick walls, metal filing cabinet, etc., without doubt produces a complex pattern of mostly unworkable signal space... in fact, a tedious process of finding the right spot for the printer *after* disabling automatic channel switching, might be the only way of getting a wireless (emphasis: Wireless) connection to the printer working reliably. So putting in a hard-wire to it, might be the only way to get the printer reliable by wireless, unless it is sited very near the BT router.

Also 5. (to comment on Expert Chris' opinion:) the BT router's automatic signal switching would have to be disabled, in order for the range extender he suggested to work. And frankly, it might not work all that well, what with signal interference factors mentioned in (4) above.

(Since I am by and large in agreement with Expert Chris, and I gave up the case before, I am not presenting this as an Answer, just as an addition to the case and its (hopefully) conclusion.)

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I dont think its because of the changing channels or wouldnt it be just as bad now as it was before? I didnt need to choose a channel for the printer it just picks up the network just as any laptop/phone/ipad does, except it seems not as well as any of those, which is poor considering how shocking the ipad 1 wifi is and that works fine all over the house. it certainly seems to be a range issue as now ive moved it down by the router it seems to be stable, unfortunately having a printer in the hall behind the front door is not much use to me. Would have been much better if BT had installed more centrally in the house rather than at the front door.
I would have come to this conclusion straight away if the printer had not been seeing the network but it did, every time i checked.

Aaaaaaanyway i guess the issue has become clear and as I said i will continue to cable up the house. Thanks for riding it out with me and for your suggestions, helps the brain work things out by just talking to someone that understands what I'm going on about rather than the blank expressions around the house :)

All the best to ya


Expert:  Chris replied 4 years ago.
Thanks Russ. Please let me know if there is anything else you need assistance with. Brick and metal are not very good for wireless signal, as you have found out. I deal with this all of the time in warehouses and buildings of that nature.


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