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PC XP/SP3: internet problem PC start-up hangs on starting

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PC XP/SP3: internet problem
PC start-up hangs on starting windows splash-screen. Problem appears to be the internet connection (system event log: errors DCOM 10005, MrxSmb 8003, SCM 7026 / 7035 / 7036. In safe-mode including communication, start-up runs smoothly and internet is accessible (I'm using the PC to send you this message). Wi-Fi is functioning normally (but sometimes rebooting the router and/or modem is required).

Hello and welcome to my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm here to help you with your networking question.


Firstly, when you get to the f8 boot up option list, click on the "last known good" option and see if the computer boots up.


If not, then go back to safe mode and please press start and then type msconfig in the open field.


You will then see the "System Configuration Utility" appear. Click the startup tab and disable all of the items. Then click ok and reboot your computer. If the computer now boots you can repeat the process but turn on say 5 items at a time until you find the culprit.


If the computer still doesn't boot up then in the "System Configuration Utility", make sure all the startup items are ticked and then click on the "Services" tab. There, tick the "hide Microsoft services" and then disable all of the services. Restart the computer and see if it boots.


Please let me know how things go


Best regards,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks hkp,


I modified your last instruction by first enabling all services and then hide`all MS services and disabling all non-MS services. All start-up items were disabled. And then, the system booted (at last..........).

Now I will enable in a controlled way the non-MS services to detect what service causes the boot failure......


I'll inform you when I completed this CSI excercise....

Thank you for that CSI report Smile


Unfortunately it can be a painstaking exercise but sometimes this is what is required to expose the Unsub...

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

just an update,


I enabled successfully about 30 non-MS services and all went OK. When I enabled also the remaining 7 or so services, booting hang. Subsequently I disabled one-by-one the last seven services, but booting hang after each disablement the boot process hang, even when I reduced the collection of services enabled to the 30 non-MS services that previously ran fine.


Now I disabled again all services and (tomorrow) I will enable them one by one and see what happens.

Thank you for the update,


To minimise the variables, I would try with all the startup items ticked and concentrate on the services.


You may find two services from the same company which you may need to disable them both.


Once you nail down the culprit, you can see which programme it is and after booting up your computer, you can go to the company & see if there is an update for their programme.


I am assuming that you have downloaded & installed all the Windows updates for your XP computer as not being up to date can make you chase your tail.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Not yet finished in checking. System runs fine in the restricted mode; Some services are 'suspected': iPOD service and the Intel Matrix Storage Event Monitor. Activating either of them and the booting freezes. Deactivating the apparent 'culprit' does not ensure a proper booting, I have to deactivate some more services before the system restarts again (in the restricted mode). I also started once in the mode where the basic Microsoft programs and services are started: blocked start-up. Does this suggest it is one of the MS services which causing the problems?

Thank you for the update,


Did anything lead up to this or did it just start behaving this way please?


Do you have your iPod plugged in when you try and boot up?

Please try unplugging all USB devices and see if the boot up still hangs.


If both services are deactivated is the computer stable?


I am assuming that you have downloaded all of the Windows updates and done a malware scan.


I see in your opening question that you say "runs fine checked disks on errors: none;" does that mean you did a scan disk? If not, please do scan disk of your drive by following this


If none of this helps then please set a System Restore point before we try anything else by following these instructions. It will enable you to undo what we are about to try in case there is a problem.


Firstly please reinstall the Intel software as there could be an interaction with a MS service and the Intel Monitor. Here is a link to that software in case it has gotten corrupted and needs to be reinstalled.


That should fix the problem but if it doesn't then please create another System Restore point and uninstall the iPod software.


Please let me know how it goes.

The Intel monitor is to do with your motherboard rather than Windows.


Try this, right-click my Computer, select 'Manage'. When the application opens,
select 'Services' and see if 'iaantmon' is listed as a service. If it is,
'disable' it, reboot your computer then see if your problem goes away.


Also please see if you have "RAID Event Monitor" listed under the start up tab. If you do then please disable that & see if the computer boots properly.

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