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Hi , I have a NETGEAR N600 as a router plug in my modem and

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Hi , I have a NETGEAR N600 as a router plug in my modem and in my PC and I want to set up two routers NETGEARs N300 as a wireless access points . Can you help me how to do this step by step please ?
Hello, I'll be happy to help you with this, but I need a little more information first:

Are you planning to just make the N300 routers access points to the existing wired connections on the N600 router (which will require network cable connections between them), or do you want to use them to extend the N600 router's wireless network without connecting network cables between them?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I do want to extend the N600 router´s wireless network without connecting network cables between them , 01 N300 I ´m planning to fix in my tv room and the other N300 in my bedroom , the n600 is in my office in the middle of the house.

This sounds more like you want to use the N300s as wireless bridges, rather than as repeaters. When you set routers up as repeaters, to extend the wireless network without using network cables, you typically want them halfway in between the master wireless router and the device that will be using the wireless signal. Is this what you were looking to do?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes , this is that I´m looking to do , my house is very big and I´m fixing the master router N600 in the midle of the house and one N300 in my room (2nd floor) and another N300 in the TV room downstairs in the first floor .

Unless your Netgear N300 router works as a repeater (not all models do), this won't work as you're describing. Please let me know the model and sub model or hardware revision on your N300 routers and I'll see what I can come up with.
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