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How to connect bluetooth headphones to Sony Bravia TV?

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Can I get a bluetooth set up that will work with my Sony Bravia LCD TV, my phone and also with a communications system that will let me talk over the TV to other people in the room or house?

Is this sort of hardware available for a set-up like this? Who would a supplier be in my area, La Crosse Wisconsin, 54601?

Hello, and welcome to Justanswer, a pay site for expert technical help. My name is ***** ***** I’ll be assisting you today.

It sounds like you're looking for a bluetooth headset that you can use to listen to tv, make phone calls, and use as an intercom type system, is that correct? Typically the intercom system isn't going to be available. It may work if you could pair the headset with a cordless home phone system that had a built in intercom function, but I don't believe this will work well.

The TV isn't going to have a built in bluetooth adapter that would work with this. You'd need a bluetooth system that had a transmitter (made to connect to a headphone jack on a sound system, MP3 player, etc) which you'd need to connect to a digital to analog converter box to get an audio signal from the tv.

The bluetooth headset will pair with most any cell phone, as most support bluetooth. Note that I'm not specifying a specific model yet, as I"m not quite sure of your requirements. But I can tell you starting out that communicating with others just over bluetooth isn't likely to work. The tv will, but requires a special bluetooth transmitter, as well as some other extra equipment (the converter I mentioned).

JACUSTOMER-ppum2por- : I need at the very least to be able to set up the tv with a transmitter and a headset that also works with a phone, Any suggestions on specific models would be greatly appreciated. I have no idea what model of bluetooth I am looking for or what make or model of bluetooth adapter I need for the tv? And why does no one make a communications system that works with bluetooth (like a walkie talkie thing)?
p0llinate : This should be something like what you're looking for. As is, it will work with a bluetooth cell phone. Using it with a tv would require extra equipment:

This is the transmitter you'd need to send tv sound to the headset. Digital Coax & Optical Stereo Adapter (click for link).

Here is the adapter you'll need to connect your tv to the transmitter. As far as a bluetooth walkie talkie, they do exist but are limited in use because the range is about 30 feet. They're often used for motorcycle riders to communicate with each other when riding the same bike, without wires.

JACustomer: "This is the transmitter you'd need to send tv sound to the headset".??? Does this work as both the transmitter and the converter / adapter?

p0llinate : No, those are 2 separate things. The converter/adapter is required to take the digital output of the tv and change it to an analog signal that the bluetooth transmitter can use.
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