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Steve Herrod
Steve Herrod, System Administrator
Category: Networking
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You are a consultant for being brought in by ABCD to assist

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You are a consultant for being brought in by ABCD to assist with a merger with another company.



ABCD is has the WAN links in place to new locations in Houston.  ABCD currently has 2 other sites in Denver and San Francisco.  Originally, ABCD had only one site (San Francisco).  The previous consultant did a poor job with the integration resulting in a poor IP address scheme and as a result routing tables at the summarization points and at the San Francisco Campus are very large. In addition, no VLAN structure was developed to isolate broadcast traffic.


There are 4 main departments in ABCD: Sales, Finance, HR, and R & D.  There have been concerns raised that the WAN transport was not able to accommodate the network traffic. Currently, all addresses in the network are statically assigned resulting in high administration overhead when changes are needed. ABCD would like this changed to lower administrative overhead. 





Number of IP Addresses Required

Address Block Assigned

San Francisco





   Denver Campus



   Remote Office 1



   Remote Office 2






   Houston Campus



   Remote Office 3







Provide a document that addresses all issues described above. 



The document should contain:

  • Cover page

  • Index Page

  • Executive summary

  • Technical details (including any assumptions)

    • Details that address all issues described above

    • Completed IP addressing table (including summarized routes for the Denver and Houston regions),

    • Updated network diagram and a conclusion.

    • Conclusion

    • Reference page





Technical Details:


  1. Each site can be broken into 4 VLANs and IP schemed can be assigned to each vlan based on how many address are needed.

  2. To overcome high overhead due to static assignment a dhcp server can be host at each site that hands IP address to hosts in each vlan.

  3. Once VLANs are deployed we can setup vrfs for each vlan and allow routing to take place on per VLAN traffic only. This will help eliminate unrequired growth of routing tables.


Following will be the new IP scheme for the three office locations.


San Francisco - Summarization IP address:



Total IPs: 2046

IP Addresses Required: 1290


Denver - Summarization IP address:


Denver Campus

Range: to

Total IPs: 510

IP Addresses Required: 441


Remote Office 1

Range: to

Total IPs: 30

IP Addresses Required: 28


Remote Office 2


Total IPs: 62

IP Addresses Required: 35


Houston – Summarization IP address:


Houston Campus

Range: to

Total IPs: 510

IP Addresses Required: 329


Remote Office 3


Total IPs: 30

IP Addresses Required: 21








On the basis of information we know only the number of devices at each remote office. Since the number of devices is small, and number of departments in remote offices would not make a significant impact on subnetting. In real world, there are some departments and network engineer can accommodate them by creating VLANs.

Your goal is to create complete IP subnetting from scratch and backbone routers at each location should advertise only one route to Internet, if possible.



Paper must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 pages of text excluding the required title page and bibliography and optional tables, cover sheet, index, reference page. Text must be Times New Roman, 12 font, 1” margin on all sides, and double spaced.

Students must follow “Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fifth Edition (APA- 5)”, also known as APA style or format. Only a Microsoft Word file will be accepted as the final submission; no HTML or PDF files allowed.

All sources must be properly cited and must be credible. At least two sources must be Internet sources. 



Body of Paper: 3 to 7 pages (approximately 2500 words) and should include


  • Introduction Background or History

  • Executive Summary

  • Charts, and Matrix

  • Drawings

  • Technical Details

  • Conclusion

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looks good to me,although, i don't see a network diagram! but thank you!

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