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Am trying to install Belkin Dual band wireless range extender.

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Am trying to install Belkin Dual band wireless range extender. Despite the "easy" set up guide can't find http://Belkin range
Connected to internet via a Vodafone router and no issues to date. Have pc with Windows Vista and using Google Chrome. Extender blinking alternate blue/amber; all normal lights on Vodafone router. Not an IT expert so you might have to bear with me...

Hello, my name is Dan.

My home is close to Lake Ontario in New York State in the Eastern time zone, I am generally online between 10 AM and 11 PM Eastern standard Time.

If I do not respond right away to your reply, rest assured that I am not ignoring you, I am probably assisting other customers and/or doing research, I will be with you as soon as I can.

Have you tried powering off the modem? All devices must 'handshake' and the extender needs an iIP address which it seems it isn't getting.

The order that I use is: Power everything off, then the farthest away gets power first, let the pretty lights settle and power up the next and so on.

I will look at the device (you gave me enough for that) and you try the above. Let me know if it helps or not.

Daniel and 4 other Networking Specialists are ready to help you
My mistake, I do not have the model and version number. Need that so I can find out what it needs.router_label.gif
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Model F9K1106v1
Did you connect the Belkin to the PC via ethernet cable?
That is a necessary step.
Look on page two (initial setup).
That is how you find the http://Belkin.range. Then you can get it to join your network, once that is done you disconnect it and place it where you want it to extend your range.
It is all in the PDF.
That help?
Progress report? You did not tell me if you were able to get it working using what I suggested.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Apologies but have been out. I had the connection via cable exactly as required in the instructions. Matter all resolved though by Vodafone locally...Got to Belbin site and got extender to work and then found original pc wouldn't connect due to IP contention which got resolved. All now working but a case of one issue being resolved creating a new issue that, remotely, would have been a real challenge.
Ok, I am all ears, what issue is this you refer to?

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