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I installed a Linksys EA3500 router a few months ago, have

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I installed a Linksys EA3500 router a few months ago, have had some internet problems and now am trying to reinstall it. I have forgotten the username and password, is there someplace I can go to restore or reset both.
I'm ExpertEngineer and I'm glad to hopefully help you today. If my answers haven't quite solved your issue, please reply anytime and I will very gladly assist you further!

If you're encountering issues connecting to your router, you might be missing your password, or the saved password XXXXX be incorrect.

If you have already set a WiFi password, you can try to recover the password XXXXX trying one of the following methods from a computer already connected to the router (Windows 7 or Vista only):

Method 1: Follow this video here:

Method 2 - follow these steps:
Go to here: - click on and run the wirelesskeyview file. Please ignore any virus scanner alerts - this file is clean and safe to use.
When you run the application, look under the column "Ascii" - it should show your wireless' password.

Method 3:
If the above steps do not work on your computer or you've never set a WiFi password, please try these steps:

- Launch your web browser (eg. internet explorer or firefox) on a computer already connected to your router (wired or wirelessly).
- Type in or into the 'address bar' and press enter
- A page will load, asking you for your username and password (this is the configuration page for the router). Unless you have specified a username and password XXXXX before, please try the following combinations:
Username: 'admin' Password: 'password'
Username: 'admin' Password: 'admin'
Username: (leave empty) Password: 'admin'
Username: 'admin' Password: (leave empty)

- Go to the wireless tab and choose 'wireless security'
- Ensure WPA or WPA-2 PSK is selected and enter in a new password, and click Save or OK. You should now be able to use that new password XXXXX connect with all your other computers.

Method 4: Router factory reset
If none of the above methods work, please reset your router to factory defaults. With the router switched on, use a paper clip to press and hold the reset button in the bottom/back of your router for 15 seconds.
Please wait for a few minutes, then try to connect to the router. If connection is successful, please use the steps described in Method 3 to re-secure your router.

I hope this helps, let me know how you go! Please let me know anytime if you have any further questions or need assistance with anything else, I'll be right here waiting for you. Thank-you!
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