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cannot connect my ipad to netgear wireless-g router

Customer Question

cannot connect my ipad to netgear wireless-g router
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  networkwiz replied 5 years ago.

networkwiz :


networkwiz :

you must have the router ssid (router namer) and the router security passcode handy then only the ipad will be able to connect fine

networkwiz :

To connect the ipad to the internet you must have the router details handy

ssid and router passcode

then you follow these steps

Start the iPad

•Tap on the Settings app. The Settings icon

Once in the settings application, you will be at the General Settings screen

Tap on the Wi-Fi category to get to the screen where you will connect to a wireless network

When you reach this screen, the iPad will start searching for Wi-Fi networks that are in range and that are broadcasting their names. As it discovers available networks it will list them under the Choose a Network... label. Please note that it may take some time for the iPad to see all of the available networks, so please be patient while it searches. You can tell that it is searching as there will be an animated symbol next to the Choose a Network... label while it is searching. If it does not find anything, it will pause for about a minute and then attempt to search again.

When you see the Wi-Fi network that you would like to connect to, simply tap on it to attempt to join it. If it has a lock next to the name, then it will require you to enter a wireless encryption password XXXXX order to connect to it as discussed in the next step.


•Once you Tap on a network name, it will try to connect to it. If the network is not using encryption, then you can just skip to this step . If the network is using wireless encryption, though, you will be presented with a screen asking you to enter the wireless encryption password

In the password XXXXX enter the wireless encryption password XXXXX is required to join this network. This password XXXXX originally set on your wireless router, and if you do not remember this password XXXXX you can logon to the router and change the password XXXXX a new one. Please note that if you change the password XXXXX the router, then any other devices that connect to this device wirelessly will also need to have their settings changed to use the new password.


•The iPad will now attempt to connect to the network, and when finished, will display the Wi-Fi settings screen again, but this time with the joined network listed and with a checkmark next to it

This checkmark designates that your iPad is connected to the network. You can also see that your iPad is connected to a wireless network as in the upper left-hand corner you will see the word iPad with the Wi-Fi symbol ()next to it. You can now go back to your home screen and use any apps that require Wi-Fi connectivity

Let me know how it goes.


hi - thanks - done as you specified and still searching, but nothing else, thanks

networkwiz :

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hi followed all instructions, but ipad still looking for connection
Expert:  networkwiz replied 5 years ago.

if you can tell me the brand name and router model number i can help you find the ssid and passcode


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
netgear wireless-g cable router WGR614
Expert:  networkwiz replied 5 years ago.

1.Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.
1.Or right click on and from the drop down select open on a new tab.

or or

When prompted for a Username and Password,
Password: password

2. Select Wireless Settings from the Setup menu in the left-hand navigation bar.

you will see the ssid(router name)

Now click on the wireless security you will find the password

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
hi - have enter all details as advised but will not allow access - specifies the following:

Access to this resource is denied; your client has not supplied the correct authentication.

Expert:  networkwiz replied 5 years ago.

if you cannot login to the router page using the default login password to the router console page that means someone has changed the initial login setup.


In this case you can only get the router reset to factory default then you can login and make changes in ssid and password


after reset router will have no security password you can set it up anytime you want.



Implication of reset:
If you reset you router you will loose all the connections to the devices which has wifi, however after the reset the router should boot up fine and there will be no security to the router i mean it will connect without prompting for a connection password. you need to get the router secured using wep or wpa. I will give you steps to secure it.






Reset the router to factory defaults.

Reset the router to factory defaults and once connected wifi we can get the router security setup.

use a paper clip, look at the back of the router you will see a tiny reset button,

Push and hold down the button for 10 seconds while the power is on using the paper clip.

release the button and wait for 2 to 3 mins for the router to boot up

Now connect to the internet and try scanning for available wireless network as you see the router name and try to connect. It will not have any security password to connect.

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