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Steve Herrod
Steve Herrod, System Administrator
Category: Networking
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Experience:  Fully conversant with Networking (LAN/WAN) and associated systems (Active Directory/Firewalls etc)
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53. ____ allow you to track disk usage by users and enforce

Resolved Question:

53. ____ allow you to track disk usage by users and enforce disk space limits on disk volumes. (Points : 1)
Disk quotas
Root hints
Stub zones

54. ____ route traffic based on information they discover about remote networks from other routers. (Points : 1)
Authentication servers
Dynamic protocols
Stub zones

55. The term ____ can refer to the common practice of assigning an FQDN to a computer or device whose IP address changes from time to time. (Points : 1)
Dynamic DNS
stub zone

56. ____ helps to determine whether traffic is reaching a destination and lets you view encrypted ESP packets to verify that Internet Protocol Security policies are being properly applied. (Points : 1)
Frame summary
Network Monitor
The DNS namespace

57. ____ data is collected from trace providers, which are components of the operating system or of individual applications that report actions or events. (Points : 1)
Host (A)
Event trace
Zone transfer

58. DHCP ____ allow you to assign a specific IP address to a DHCP client without statically configuring the device with IP information. (Points : 1)
address assignments
server options

59. A ____ is the amount of time a client keeps an IP address before releasing it. (Points : 1)
binding time value
lease duration

60. ____ is a set of rules to exchange messages with other Internet points at the information packet level, and guarantees the delivery of packets. (Points : 1)

61. ____ provides a central administrative console for downloading the list of the latest updates from the Microsoft Update servers, approving updates to be deployed to network clients, and viewing reports on the status of your network clients. (Points : 1)
b. Active Directory“integrated DNS d. Preferred DNS
Preferred DNS

62. Using a multimaster replication engine (such as AD), ____ allows servers connected across WAN or limited bandwidth network connections to stay current. (Points : 1)
DFS namespace
DFS replication
administrative share
net share

63. ____ involves users who deny that they performed a malicious action on a network, and administrators do not have a way to prove them wrong. (Points : 1)
Man-in-the-middle attack
Identity spoofing
Data tampering

64. ____ prepares an installation of Windows for imaging and deployment by modifying a system to create a new SID and other unique information the next time it starts. (Points : 1)

65. ____ displays a process name if one exists for traffic so that you can easily track data back to its source. (Points : 1)
Frame summary
Network Monitor
Performance Monitor

66. Part of the netlogon service used by every client logging onto an Active Directory domain, the ____ runs at logon to provide the client with the location of a DC that can authenticate its requests. (Points : 1)
domain controller locator
round-robin DNS
netlogon service
root domain

67. The ____ command displays all the currently cached query responses on a DNS client. (Points : 1)
ipconfig /registerdns
ipconfig /displaydns
ipconfig /all
ipconfig /flushdns

68. ____ are queries where the client requires an answer from its DNS server. (Points : 1)
Recursive queries
Forward queries
DNS zones

69. ____ uses PPP to encapsulate traffic for transmission across network using a secure socket layer (SSL) connection. (Points : 1)
Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol
Dial-up networking
A header

70. ____ are defined at the shared resource level and allow clients access to a network share. (Points : 1)
Server Message Blocks
Share-level permissions
Offline files
Security identifiers

71. ____ are classified in three ways: the information they store, where they are stored, and their read/write status. (Points : 1)
DNS clients
DNS zones

72. ____ are defined at the folder or file level. (Points : 1)
Net shares
Administrative shares
User-level permissions

73. After a reverse lookup zone is created, ____ are created to map IP addresses to the host name of a node. (Points : 1)
pointer records
serial numbers

74. ____ is a built-in utility for capturing and viewing network traffic as it arrives or leaves a server. (Points : 1)
Network Monitor
Data Collector Set
Disk-to-disk backup
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Category: Networking
Expert:  Steve Herrod replied 5 years ago.

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