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I have a NETGEAR N150 Wireless Router, WNR1000v2. I bought

Resolved Question:

I have a NETGEAR N150 Wireless Router, WNR1000v2. I bought a new HP Pavillion dm4-2180us laptop with windows 7 for my son and also a new Dell Inspiron N7110 for myself.

The internet keeps crashing for our computers but not my husband's who has an ACER also with Windows 7. We have to keep resetting the router, which is very inconvenient. I read somewhere, I might need to download a driver for the NETGEAR router for the new laptops.

I tried to find the driver and I could only find a driver for NETGEAR N150 WNR1100. Would that work or do I need to find the exact driver for the WNR1000v2 model? I was wondering why it's not easy to find the WNR1000v2 driver. Is it compatible with the newer computers?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  James replied 5 years ago.

You do not need any driver for your computer. A driver is software for a physical device, and your computer doesn't even have a netgear device - you have a network adapter from another vendor.

What do you mean by "Crashes" ? Please give me more details so I can help.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks I now that a driver is software and a device is hardware. I know that Netgear is a separate device, I bought from Comcast, my internet provider, which as I mentioned, I have to keep resetting, ( as it is a device with a reset button). A tech said he had the same problem with the Netgear router and when he downloaded a driver for the router to his computer, it stopped. I have a printer from a separate vendor and I downloaded a driver for that. I don't understand the logic you are using regarding downloading of drivers for devices to computers.
Expert:  James replied 5 years ago.
Well, the netgear is NOT a device on your computer - so your computer doesn't need a driver for it.
Your computer has a built-in wireless adapter that communicates with the netgear, and that adapter does require a driver, which is already loaded since it does work.

Since you are saying there are two computers that exhibit the same symptoms, we must conclude the problem is with the router itself. I would have it replaced - it should be done at no charge to you.
Don't let the techs confuse you with techy words, and ask you to do things you don't understand. If you bought the router from Comcast, insist that they send a tech to install, configure and test it.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Relist: Other.
I found the experts answers condescending and was not satisfied with the solution offered.
Expert:  James replied 5 years ago.

You have a defectie router - the only option is to replace it. I didn't mean to sound condescending, and I apologize if that's how it came across. I only suggested that you should get the service you paid for from Comcast.


Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Actually the NETGEar router holds a connection with 2 laptops a year old. It also holds the connection with 2 netbooks a year old and a three year old netbook. I actually have three laptops one month old and the connection doesn't hold with them. Comcast no longer offers service for wireless routers. I would like to try to configure the router to work with the new computers before paying for a new one which still might have problems. Can you tell me how to do that?
Expert:  James replied 5 years ago.

Please perform a reset to factory defaults:

Locate the reset hole on the back of the router - it is recessed in a small hole.
Using a paperclip or pin, push the button in for 25 seconds.
Let go, and give the router a moment to boot.

In a web browser, enter the router's IP address -

When prompted for a Username and Password, enter the default username and password (admin; password) unless you have already changed it.

Under Security Options select WPA-PSK or WPA Personal, enter a new network password XXXXX the Passphrase box

WRITE DOWN or KEEP NOTE of your network name, security option and passphrase - you will require them to connect wireless computers and devices to your network.

Click Apply to save the settings.


James and other Networking Specialists are ready to help you