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Steven Wilson
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How can I turn my Linksys E1200 into JUST a ethernet switch

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How can I turn my Linksys E1200 into JUST a ethernet switch and WLAN access point?

I have tried setting it up on my computer, which will not be connected to it. Once the setup is completed, I then connect the Internet Connection Wire to port 1 and 3 devices to the other 3 ports. This is in a different location than the computer. The Internet Connection wire leads to router/dsl modem. As soon as this is done, I lose access to the Internet completely.

When I restore the settings to factory on the Linksys, the 3 devices work fine, but I have no access to WLAN. After a short while, I lose the Internet access to the computer I used for the setup, despite this being connected directly to the router/dsl modem.

Please help!!!

With DSL modems the LAN cable from the DSL modem needs to be plugged into ethernet port 4. The Internet port on Linksys routers is only when you have cable internet.

When you plug the LAN cable into the internet port that is why you are losing internet.

To set this up, using the LAN cable from the DSL modem plug it into ethernet port 4, ports 1-3 using LAN cables plug them into your computers that you would like to connect to the internet. If you have more then 3 devices you want connected to the ethernet router, only plug in the devices that do not have wireless capabilities into the router, and your other devices connect to the router using wireles.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks Steven for your answer.

Just to make sure, as I am about to try setting it up again on the computer and return it back to the location it will be permanently.

Before, I plugged the LAN cable from the DSL modem in port 1, not the Internet port. Now I will plug it in to port 4 instead. Port 1, 2, 3 will be used for the 3 ethernet (not wireless)devices.

Is that correct?
Yes use port 4 on linksys router for your internet connection. Port 4 is setup to auto-sense that it's an internet connection. Then use 1-3 for non-wireless devices.

Before you do this have you made any changes to the router during setup? Just want to ensure this so that there is no conflict when you make the change over.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Now the Linksys device is on factory settings, but I need to set it up as the WLAN does not seem to work without it.

Is there something I need to watch out for?
No. You can setup the wireless once you test out and make sure your connected to the internet. I can help walk you through that if you need help with that also.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The Internet connection works fine.

Should I run the installation via the disk for the WLAN or is there another way to do it.
You can either run the CD or you can manually setup the router by using the instructions below it's up to you both way work. Just make sure you write down both the SSID(Network name) and your security code.

On your computer connect the router either through wireless or using a LAN cable. Once connected open your web browser and in the address bar go to

Username: admin or leave blank
Password: admin

Click on Wireless (change the wireless SSID on this page to something else)
Click on Wireless Security
Enable Security

Choose WEP next to Wireless Security Drop Down

Type in a name, password, place into passphrase and click on generate

Copy down Key 1


Save your settings

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