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Bryan, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Networking
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Why is the Time Warner cable wifi not working?

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Why has the Time Warner cable WiFi stopped working? Internet is working but not the wireless. I have powered down, reset and shut off the PC but no change.

What device is trying to connect wirelessly?

JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- :Want to connect laptop. Right now we're just trying to get a wireless connection with the pc. LAN works
JBryan42 : Ok. Can either the PC or the laptop "see" the network in the available networks?
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : The pc sees the network but says that it's not connected. Tried to repair without luck
JBryan42 : Any error when the repair connection fails? Are you typing to me on that PC?
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : I'm on the pc. There's a message that the network can't be repaired and to call the ISP. The ISP doesn't provide the router, just the modem. Linksys advisor shows everything working but not the connection
JBryan42 : Right. Your ISP is not the fault here, obviously since you have a hardwire connection. What make and model router is it? And is there any chance that you can setup the laptop nearby you to do some tests on? And I'll need the make and model of the router if you are not sure how to login to the router from the PC.
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : It's a linksys wireless g 2.4 ghz, 54Mbps
wrt54g. I do know how to login from the pc
JBryan42 : Ok. Once the laptop is up, let me know if it can see the network.
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : It sees all in the area, trying to figure out which is ours. The 2 linksys ask for a key which I've never had to use.. Open access
JBryan42 : Ok, from the PC, login to the router and check your WiFi settings. Verify that the SSID, Security Type, Encryption Type, and PassCode/Password ***** what you expect them to be. Ok, if it's open, then just verify the SSID. But you may want to check the other settings as well because if you are connecting to that network and it's asking for a key, and it's the correct SSID, then somehow a key got put onto the WiFi access.
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : Ok. Where do I find WiFi. I see networks, action, support. It says network status ok. I'm trying to check network settings now
JBryan42 : Hmmm .. It says Networks, Action and Support? Can you click on Support and tell me if the router is running DD-WRT.
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : It says ssid enabled
JBryan42 : Ok, and what is the name?
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : Linksys_SES_12510
JBryan42 : Is that the network name that you are trying to connect to?
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : It must be.. We had it named home_ but can't see that on laptop or pc.. Usually can, now that I remember.
JBryan42 : Check the security, encryption and passkey if they are set.
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : WPA tkip jcw3xkjetzjjt8la
JBryan42 : Are/were they set?
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : That's what's listed
JBryan42 : Ok, so that's what you need to set on the 2 machines connecting through wifi. Write down that key, and enter it for the properties of the linksys_SES_12510 network.
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : What happened to the network that we had named home_
JBryan42 : I couldn't say. Maybe it got reset? Did you do a recovery of the previous settings?
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : I didn't, don't know how to do recovery of past settings
JBryan42 : Or, if you prefer it to be unsecured, just rename the SSID to what you want and set the Security type to "Open"
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : Ok, trying to connect says key mismatch
JBryan42 : Did you change the key to what it said on the router through the network properties?
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : Must have typed incorrectly the first time. Says connected now
JBryan42 : Ok, there you go. Is there anything further I can help you with?
JACUSTOMER-m7p58jmp- : No, thanks so much.
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