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TechGrant, System Administrator
Category: Networking
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Experience:  I am a network engineer for a small firm and work with multiple small business firms for all there server/administration needs.
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How can I connect to my wireless 5g net work?

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How can I connect to my wireless 5g net work?  My dual band wireless adapter does not see the 5G network.  I am using a Linksys WMP600N adapter and a Linksys E4200 router.

You might need to change the channel on the 5GHZ band also make sure that is enabled when you are in the router config page. Follow these instructions below, if this fixed your issue please ACCEPT this answer.


Cisco Connect Software.


1. Open the software and go to the option which says "Router Settings"

2.Then click on the option which says "Advanced Settings" which will take you to the router's configuration page.

3. Then go to the Wireless tab, change Channel width to 20 MHz only and change the Channel to 149 and 161 for 5 GHz...Save the settings..


If you haven't installed Cisco Connect then you can log on to the router's user interface using it's default IP address in the browser which is and type in 'admin' as the password XXXXX the username field blank. This will take you to the router's web interface and then follow steps as mentioned above to make the changes

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks Grant, I have already done that and still can't see the 5G network. when I try to manually add the network my adapter still can't see it.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I found the solution. I needed to change the channel on the adapter itself. It took me a while to figure out where but now I have it.

Sorry for the late reply. I was reading that as well. Looks like you need to change the channel on the wireless card in device manager advances tab. I would also recommend try a different driver from the chipset maker ralink that way you will get better range and speed for the card! Thanks
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I updated the driver after I put the card in. My signal strength is very low but a speed test says I I have good upload and down load speeds. The windows networking siftware picks up both of my networks now but the Linksys software doesn't see either of them.


I will try the driver you reccomend and see what happens then let you know the result.

Yes it has more advanced options. Also to fix the signal you might want to change the channel and widths on the router back to auto.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Ok...Updated the driver using the ralink driver. It works fine althought the signal strength is still low. The ralink utility is a little better than the linksys one. I can see both the 2.4G and the 5G networks and connect to both.


Setting the router channel and widths to auto causes a problem though so I kept the other settings.

On the card try the channel range of #16 (36-173). See Iif that helps if not try that same channel but the change the router to Autos again. It's something in the adapter. .
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No luck getting a better signal by changing the channel on the adapter or dickering with the router settings.
Looks like it will be a certXXXXX XXXXXnel seting in your area. Try channel 149. If the srength is ow but the speed is normal it will be fine.
Is there anything I can help you with? If you feel like a VALID an ACCEPT please ACCEPT an answer above, If I can assist you on this problem and in other way please let me know what I can do. Thanks
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Grant, thanks for helping me with this issue and giving me advice on how I can get better performance from my equipment. I will accept your answer so you can close this file.


Thanks again!

Thanks, if you would like to reach me in the future you can by going here: