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Using a variable-partitioned multiprogramming memory, which

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Using a variable-partitioned multiprogramming memory, which of the four holes shown below will be used to satisfy a 55 KB program requirement under the conditions of:

0-15 KB 15-65 KB 65-125 KB 125-195 KB 195-245 KB 245-320 KB 320-410 KB 410-470 KB 470-520 KB

occupied Hole A occupied Hole B occupied Hole C occupied Hole D occupied

___ First-fit
___ Best-fit
___ Worst-fit
Question is unclear as to what Hole A, B, C, and D are, or where they are.

The memory ranges stated are, all together, continuous. So I don't know where the 'four holes' are, so to speak, or anything about them.

Please clarify.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Its a table that wont copy correctly. Am I able to upload a dcoument? The link here only allows for images,

Please try to upload your document to

and then reply with the link to the wikisend location.

Warning: I can't accept nor read nor work with, MS Word format documents, for two or more very good reasons. Try using PDF or even RTF format for the document, if you can.
Or post a JPEG image of the document, that would work.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I spaced, here it is in PDF.

Attachment: 2011-12-12_034111_using_a_variable.pdf

Memory Hole A is 50 KB in size, so it is clearly not to be considered. 'Worst fit'.
Memory Hole B is 70 KB in size, so it is presumably the 'First fit'.
Memory Hole C is 75 KB in size.
Memory Hole D is 60 KB in size, so it is the 'Best fit' (for a 55 KB-size memory allocation.)
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