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Category: Networking
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I can not stream video from my pc to my LG smart tv without

Customer Question

I can not stream video from my pc to my LG smart tv without the "loading" screen pausing playback every 10 seconds or so. The tv is connected to my network lan with an ethernet cable through a gigabit router. I tried wireless, but it was worse.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  Syseng replied 5 years ago.

My name is David.

If the TV was previously working without issues the problem could be related to memory issues within the router. So power down the router that connects the PC to the TV and wait three minutes so that memory clears and then power up the router. Then restart the TV and the PC and try a video stream again.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi David,

The TV has never streamed video from my pc without the "loading" screen. It came with a wireless dongle that worked as a "n" network adapter. My router is a "n" router, so I thought it would be fast enough to stream. When that didn't work smoothly, I ran an ethernet cable to it from downstairs and, though it stops and shows the "loading" screen, it now only shows it after about 10 seconds of video instead of every 5 seconds. To me, it seems as if the tv can not buffer enough video.

Your thoughts?

Expert:  Syseng replied 5 years ago.
Your logic does make sense however you are also testing the TV by streaming only from one PC so the issue could also be related to an issue on the PC. Test streaming video from another PC or service and see if the same issue occurs. If not then I recommend first updating the network adapter drivers on the PC or trying a different network adapter (if you have one) on the PC to see if that resolves the issue.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

My blu-ray disk player also supports streaming video from a networked pc. It has a wireless connection to my lan. I tried it and it works flawlessly. There is a brief pause for "loading" and it plays the video continuously to the end. The pc and the network adapter are working fine and obviously supports video streaming. The TV supports this as well, but can not even do it with a wired connection. The issue, to me, appears to be the TV. I have installed all of the updates that the TV has indicated were available.

Expert:  Syseng replied 5 years ago.
Ok so if you have an Ethernet cross-over cable or if the computer has a newer network adapter that supports Auto-MDIX, connect the TV directly to the PC with an Ethernet cable and test a stream. If the stream works then there is most likely an incompatibility between the TV and the router.

If the above setup cannot be tested, use another router or hub between the PC and TV if you have one and run another stream test. If the TV starts working then the issue may be compatibility between the router and TV.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
So, let me get this straight. I need to get another router or switch to test it. Does this help, the blu-ray player that I have is an LG, the tv that I have is an LG, both are 3d although that probably has nothing to do with it. The blu-ray works the way the tv should. Additionally, the blu-ray actually upconverts the video to 1080p as it plays it to the tv. That seems to be alot to do when the tv can not even stream 10 seconds of video. If the router is suspect, how can the blu-ray made by the same manufacturer do so much with an inferior connection (wireless)?
Expert:  Syseng replied 5 years ago.
If the Blu-ray and the TV have the same Ethernet controller chip built into the device then yes what you describe is a valid comparison. What I am suggesting is a test to determine whether or not the TV is properly negotiating the network duplex and speed - which is a common networking issue. If it is not then that would explain why the TV is not able to perform well (working in half duplex mode or on a 10 Mbps connection).

It does not have to be another router or switch that you use for the test and would actually be better if the TV is directly connect to a PC if the Ethernet adapter on the PC supports Auto-MDIX or you have a cross-over cable for the connection because you can check the PC network connect properties once the two are connected via Ethernet cable to determine the duplex and speed settings of the connection.
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I guess, for now, I'll just use the blu-ray player. It works really well and upconverts the video. I saved your answers to help me when I get around to checking the tv.

Thank you for all of your help.

Expert:  Syseng replied 5 years ago.
Glad I could help and thank you.