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How do I link the WRE54G to my Qwest PK5000Z modem/router

Customer Question

How do I link the WRE54G to my Qwest PK5000Z modem/router?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  networkwiz replied 5 years ago.

networkwiz :

Welcome to the justanswer chat support.

networkwiz :

connect the dsl cable which is coming out from the qwest modem to the internet port on the wifi router

networkwiz :

and then follow these steps

networkwiz :

Double-click on the WiFi Connection icon. It can be found in the system tray at the bottom of the laptop screen.

Click on properties.

Use the refresh button it will show all available wireless network or router identify your router in the list and select it

Use the Add button at the bottom of the dialog if your WiFi network isn't in the Available Networks section.

Click on Configure when you see your network's SSID in the "Available Networks.

Enter your network's SSID and WEP key.

Click on Start, then choose Connect To and Wireless Network Connection. Your computer should now be able to access the WiFi network. If the WiFi network is connected to the Internet, it should also be able to connect to the Internet.

networkwiz :

Let me know how it goes


So i'm not quite understanding your answer. I'm trying to connect a liinkys wirless "repeater" to a qwest modem/router. The instructions you gave me don't make sense for this application. I can connect to the wiresless router fine, it's utilizing the repeater that i'm having problems with. How do I configure the repeater in the router?

networkwiz :

I will open the question to othe experts who can help you with the repeater question as i am out of ideas.

Expert:  iptables replied 5 years ago.
I can try to help you.

It sounds like you are currently able to wirelessly connect to the Internet. Is that correct?

Can you tell me what type of wireless security is enabled on your Qwest modem/router? Examples would be no security, WEP, WPA Personal, etc

Also, what is the IPv4 address and default gateway on your Windows 7 PC. You can find this by clicking the Start button, typing cmd followed by enter, and then typing ipconfig at the command prompt. The addresses will probably look something like

Let me know if need help with any of this.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I can wirelessly connect with my computer to the internet via the Qwest PK5000K wireless modem/router ( a DSL connected unit). What I cannot do is extend the range of the Qwest PK5000K with my Linksys WRE54G range extender, aka, repeater.


What this means to me is that I cannot connect to the internet via my laptop when I am in one of the more remote places in my home, because the Qwest PK5000K's wireless signal range does not extend that far (it is hard wired in a specific room). This is why I wish to use my WRE54G range extender to fill in the signal gap.


The WRE54G will be located somewhere more central in my home providing more complete home signal coverage. How do I make the wireless WRE54G range extender communicate with the Qwest PK5000K modem/router, and vise versa?


The Qwest PK5000K is set up with WPA security.

Expert:  iptables replied 5 years ago.
That makes sense to me. To connect the WRE54G to your Qwest, we have to tell it the SSID of the Qwest and give it the security key so the Qwest allows it to connect. To do that we need to have the WRE54G on the same network as your computer, which mean the first 3 number of the IP address have to match. Can you tell me the IP address of your computer?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
The first three numbers are: 192
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

The complete laptop IP address is:


The WRE54G is an Auto Configuration device. It is suppose to "see" the wireless router signal, lock on to it and start rebroadcasting data to/from the router. When I run the WRE54G cd for setup, it comes back with a survey failure, i.e., it isn't seeing the Qwest PK5000Z wireless router/modem.

Expert:  iptables replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for the info.
Do you have an Ethernet cable to connect your laptop directly to the WRE54G? That should let you do a manual setup since your Qwest router is on the 192.168.0.x network and the WRE54G defaults to the 192.168.1.x network.
Expert:  iptables replied 5 years ago.
Also, can you tell me the gateway address on your PC. It's probably either or
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

PC gateway is


I have connected the WRE54G to the PC via ethernet cable. When I run the Setup application it still comes back with a scanned failure.


I cannot get far enough into the Setup to enable manual settings for the WRE54G.

Expert:  iptables replied 5 years ago.
OK. First, can you go to the web interface on your Qwest Router and get the following info:
- Wireless name or SSID
- Wireless channel
- Security mode (eg, WEP, WPA, etc)
- Security Key

Don't post these here but just record them.

Next you'll need to add an IP address to your wired ethernet adapter.
In Windows 7.
Go into Control Panel and click "View Network Status and Tasks"
On the left, click "Change Adapter Settings" and let me know the names of what you see there.
We'll add an IP address to the wired adapter.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

From the Control Panel:

1. Wireless Network Connection

Duncan 3

Broadcom 802.11 Multiband Net


2. Local Area Connection

unidentified network

Realtek RTL8139/810x family fast ethernet NIC


1 = Qwest (ZyXEL) PK5000Z

2= PC connected WRE54G

Expert:  iptables replied 5 years ago.
Try this:
Right-click on connection #2, the Realtek NIC and choose properties.
Then highlight Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click the properties button.
Click the radio button next to "Use the following IP address", and fill it in like this:
IP Address:
Subnet mask:
Default gateway: (this is optional)
You can leave the DNS settings the way they are.
Click OK and then Close to close the dialog boxes.

Now try open a browser and enter
This should take you to the admin page on the WRE54G.
You want to put in the 4 pieces of information you recorded from the Qwest so the range extender matches the settings on the Qwest:
- Wireless name or SSID
- Wireless channel
- Security mode (eg, WEP, WPA, etc)
- Security Key

Here's a link (shortened by to Cisco/Linksys that has some setup instructions:
Scroll down on the page to get to the WRE54G section.

The link and activity lights should be blue when things are connected correctly. Once the connection is working you can disconnect the ethernet cable and optionally undo the settings you made to the Realtek.

Let me know how it goes.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I followed your script. The WRE54G has both blue lights locked on. However, it is not mirroring the signals from the PK5000Z. It is not seeable from any portable devices. I do not believe the PK5000Z is communicating with a format which can be relayed with the WRE54G.
Expert:  iptables replied 5 years ago.
The SSID of the WRE54G is the same as that of your router so you may not be able to tell which device you're seeing. The two blue lights should indicate that the device is working although I agree that Cisco should have provided a better way to figure out how well the WRE54G is doing it's job. To see the WRE54G, you could temporarily disable SSID broadcast on your router. If you still see the SSID and can connect to it, you are connecting to the range expander.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I have concluded from these experiments that the Zytel (Qwest) modem is incompatible with the desired need. Thank you for your attempts. Rob.
Expert:  iptables replied 5 years ago.
Thanks for using JustAnswer.
Expert:  networkwiz replied 5 years ago.
You have to enter the password only only one time. As the wifi device gets connected to the router it will remember all time.

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