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What is needed to set up Viera TC-P42ST30 TV wirelessly

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What is needed to set up Viera TC-P42ST30 TV wirelessly?

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer! My name is XXXXX XXXXX thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you with your networking question.


Your TC-P42ST30 may have come with a wireless USB adapter - do you have this device? It would look similar to this:



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yes, I have that adapter. I hooked it up to the TV as shown in the manual but when I ran the Connection Test the message I got was "Check Connection to local network (router). That is why I am wondering if the AirPort WiFi router supports TVs or just my computer, and other Apple products.

If that is the case do you know what other equipment I should get to set up my TV for WiFi?

Your adapter should work with the AirPort - let's find out why it isn't...


Make sure the adapter is connected to the TV.


Open the Menu on the TV, then select Network Settings. Below Connection Test, change the Network Connection to WiFi (Wireless). Select Wireless Network, just below Network Connection, then select No.


You will be at a screen that gives you an option to Search for a network, like this:


Select that option. The tv will search and should find your wireless network. Select it and enter your wireless password XXXXX prompted if you use one on your network.


Once this is complete, run the Connection Test. Any luck?



Customer: replied 5 years ago.
I ran the connection test and got the response" Check connection to the internet. Home network is available but gateway doesn't respond. For easy IPTV use check the router's connection and settings."

The router is working fine for my laptop so I'm not sure what I need to do.

Strange - in the Network Settings, change IP Address/DNS to Manual, then enter these values:


IP address:


Subnet Mask:


Default Gateway:


DNS Server(s):


Does the Connection Test work now?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No, it quickly came back"validate IP address" Also I didn't have an area to enter "".
  • From the Apple menu of your computer, pull down “System Preferences”
  • Click on the “Network” preference pane

    What is the IP address you have listed?

    Customer: replied 5 years ago.
    The IP address is I just changed those values and the Connection Test came back, "Check connection to the internet. Gateway doesn't respond. Confirm connection with router an its setting."
    Customer: replied 5 years ago.
    When I went back into System Preferences and check for AirPort IP it was listed as, I reran the connection test and still got the same Check Internet connection statement.
    When you changed the settings on the TV, did you change the Gateway to
    Customer: replied 5 years ago.
    I got a connection to the internet but now it says "check the TV's network setting."
    Does the computer run through and pass all of the Connection Test options?
    Customer: replied 5 years ago.
    The test was a pass for; Connection to local network, valid IP address, check for IP address duplication, connection to internet. It was a "no" for VIERA connect server.

    I have to leave for a while and will get back to you in a couple of hours. Thanks for all your help, so far. Will look for an email when I return.

    No problem, glad to help.


    On your computer, run these steps:


    1. Open AirPort Admin Utility, located in Applications/Utilities.
    2. Select your base station from the list and click Configure.
    3. Click Show All Settings.
    4. Click Base Station Options, then select the "Enable Default Host at" checkbox.


    Change the address from to the one that matches your tv - Save the settings, then unplug the Airport for 1 minute, then power it back on.


    Power on the tv and run the Connection Test.


    Any luck?

    Customer: replied 5 years ago.
    When I go into AirPort Utility I find the AirPort Extreme 802.1n (4th Generation); IP address: If I click on Manual Setup I get the Base Station location, in which it states the address is: I don't find an "Enable Default Host at" checkbox, nor do I see an address:

    So I guess I'm asking where I can find these things, and if I do find them should I change the address I found in the System Preferences for the AirPort from to as you suggested? If I do change it I presume I should change the Gateway address also?

    Let's back up just a bit...


    Can you manually enter these numbers into the network settings of your TV and test please?


    IP address:


    Subnet Mask:


    Default Gateway:


    DNS Server(s):




    If you find it, it is, isn't it?

    What I was looking for on your computer was a screen like this to show the Router address:



    Kevin and other Networking Specialists are ready to help you
    Customer: replied 5 years ago.
    The Network screen on my iMac does not look exactly like the one you provided. The information it provides under the heading "TCP/IP" is: Configure IPv4 is DHCP;
    IPv$4 address is
    Subnet mask is
    Router is
    DNS Server is

    If I run the test using an IP of, as you suggested, it comes back invalid IP.

    If I run the test using an IP of: it comes back as valid IP, but couldn't connect to the internet.

    If I run it using an IP of it comes back as everything is okay except it tells me to check the Viera Connect Server (on my Panasonic TV). Can you tell me how to do that?
    Customer: replied 5 years ago.
    I was just able to go back through the series of connection steps, find my wireless network, enter my password XXXXX then run the Connection test. This time the setup passed the test. So based on that I am very happy with the support your experts provided and I accept your answer.

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