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jucraig, Network Architect
Category: Networking
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Experience:  Network Design Analyst - 8+ years
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I need more speed from my new linksys e2500 dual band N router.

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I need more speed from my new linksys e2500 dual band N router. My Comcast modem measures 20 mps. But the router only puts out 6.75 mps. I have wifi from two printers, ipdad 2, iphone, mac laptop and a Blue Ray DVD with Netflix running from it. The signal signal strength from the router reads very good but not strong. The router is located in a room(25'-30') next to where we use most of our wireless items. I used the setup disk from the linksys router to get it working to its present state. I need more speed.

jucraig :

Good evening! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I would like to assist with your issue.

I'm a little unclear on the actual issue at the moment. Are you suggesting that IF you run an Internet speed test without the Linksys in place, you're getting 20Mbps throughput, but then if you run the same Internet speed test WITH it in place that your speed is only reading as 6.75Mbps?

OR is what you're saying is that from your laptop for example, you're only connecting to the wireless network at 6.75Mbps??

Please let me know and I'll be happy to help you get this figured out!!

Thank you for the opportunity!


Customer: Justin,
Customer: The first and not the latter is what I am saying. Running a speed test directly from the modem to the computer using the site "" I got the reading of 20 mps. Then when I ran a speed test from the linksys setup disk on my computer, I got the 6.75 reading with the router hooked back into the modem. The test from the disk gave 2 read outs. One coming from the originating source of Comcast in Atlanta and the other coming out of the router to my computer. Both were about the same speed of 6.75 mps.
jucraig :

okay...hmm...I'm looking for documentation on the E2500 on its throughput capabilities...however, 6.75Mbps seems REALLY slow (NOT slow in that 6.75Mbps is actually pretty fast, BUT is slow compared to your 20Mbps capacity)...

jucraig :

Do this for me....go to again, and run a test to the closest server....please tell me the latency (ping), download, and upload speeds really quick if you don't mind?

jucraig :

According to the following independent website, the Linksys E2500 SHOULD be capable of roughly 90+Mbps, so it shouldn't be the problem...

jucraig :

Did you run the speed test for me?

Customer: Yes
Customer: 19ms ping. 21.67 download and 4.96 upload
jucraig :

That's WITH the E2500 connected or without?

Customer: Not connected. Did you want it connected?
jucraig :

Yes...and AFTER it's connected, I want you to run the EXACT same test the exact same server, please...

jucraig :

please let me know the results...

Customer: With the computer hooked into the router I got: 23 ms ping, 20.30 Mbps download speed and 5.14 upload speed.
jucraig :

Then you're're getting your full bandwidth...

jucraig :

So, I would say you're good to weren't getting that much before were you?

Customer: Sounds great. Thanks. I'll accept your answer. Thanks.
Customer: Good night.
jucraig :

Thank you!

Have a great night!


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