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I cant get AutoRun.INF to work on USB FLASH DRIVE on Windows

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I can't get AutoRun.INF to work on USB FLASH DRIVE on Windows 7 64 Bit Home Premium

File Stored in ROOT is . Drive is shows. 32 GB Toshiba TransMemory Device that shows in device panel.

open=/DANGEROUS URL REMOVED AllMyNotes Documents.ddb

Windows 7 has disabled or at least handicapped the possible auto run commands specifically on usb flash drives for security reasons.


a full discusion of the issue and possible work arounds are on this page

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks ,,that is a very good articel


I am not even getting the "View or Oen Files" to display when I insert the USB drive is inserted


Can you at least tell me how to turn that on?





I dont have windows 7 and a flash drive in front of me so i cant test this BUT

i think that if you just right click on the flash drive in my computer there will be an autoplay selection that you can select "view files and folders" on ( it might be a tab if you select properties )


Otherwise there is a long complicated way to turn the auto run function on and adjust it through the control panel

Customer: replied 5 years ago.



The checkbox was already checked and ivne but the USB TRANSMEMORY device does NOT show as one that I can choose what to do with respect to the AUTOPLAY function



The USB device does It shows under devices and pritners though. not sure

what that means?





I think it may be hitting the windows 7 thing where it just doesnt want to use it for usb flash drives. I assume that you can find it in my computer and right click and select explore to see the folders ?


What happens if you delete or rename the autorun file that may be screwing up the auto play function while not implimenting itself

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes I can right click it and see . If I renanme the AUTORUN.INF nothing changes.


Not sure what "windows 7 thing where it just doesnt want to use it for usb flash drives" ..means ,,it is a drive, Not sure about the control panel devices Win 7 chooses to display,


I do have another WIN 7 machine I could try this on.







Try it on the other win 7 machine. But if setting the usb device mixed content to display folders in auto play I am not sure what else to try.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.



Sorry for delay:



Well Autoplay is at least working now (after rebooting) ,,, and I can click VIEW MORE AUTOPLAY OPTIONS ,,but down at the bottom of that screen (under devices) my USB drives is not there (although other currenly non attached devices are)


I will try on other machine to see what it shows under devices.


Maybe the best I can do is "Open Folder to View Files" and then click the program that I want to start up,



I haven't actually got one here to test it on. If you like i can opt out and open this up to somebody that does. But from what my research shows microsoft decided that there was too much chance of abuse where you can just stick a usb stick in somebodies computer with malicious code and it would do whatever you wanted to do to their computer and microsoft would be stuck with all sorts of legal claims for negligence in making it so easy.


I think the theory was that a cd you have to at least open up the drive put it in the drive close the drive etc. you can just walk past somebody's computer in an office and plug a usb stick in the back and totally trash it with the right autorun.

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