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What do I need to be able to order up a movie from Netflix

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What do I need to be able to order up a movie from Netflix to my Internet Ready HDTV from my PC via router (what type of router??)?

magtech : Hello and thanks for asking your question on Just Answer. I will be happy to assist you.




magtech : If your tv is internet ready, meaning it comes with Netflix and other streaming services already built-in, then you do not need your pc to order movies. What you will need is to establish a connection from your tv to your home network either wired or wireless through your router. Second, you will need to establish a Netflix account; that you can do from your computer.

Yes. I intentionally bought a Sharp Aquos Net tv.


Are you saying I just need an ethernet wire to the router to the tv?


And what type of router do I need? A dual band wireless N router?

magtech : Yes, exactly. Or if you have wireless capability in the tv as well you could use a wireless connection. But wired Ethernet is always the preferred method.w

I don't have a Wifi tv ... it just says that it has Aquos Net Link for Netflix. I just need to know what type of router do I need to link to the Ethernet on the router to the Ethernet connection on the tv.


The tv is listed as "internet ready."


Our laptops are wireless. What we have is an old G brand wireless router.


I understand we need an N band router. Yes?

magtech : Any brand name Consumer grade router is fine. Pretty much all of them come with wireless anyway, evenif the tv does not have that capability. Netgear N300 is one that I install for customers and have good results.

And I don't need anything in between the tv and the router , like Netflix's "box."?


Okay, well, I guess I'm ready to go forward then. Thanks for the info. I sort of had it in my mind as you said, but wanted to verify it with someone who knows their stuff.

magtech : N is much better. It has the speed todo video streaming that G may stumble with. But that only applies for wireless. If you will do wired Ethernet to the tv, your g router is fine.

My router is OLD and we lose signal about 4 times a day so I have to buy a new one anyways.


Thanks again.

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