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D.Sandlin, Network Administrator
Category: Networking
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Experience:  5 years as a Network Switching Systems Operator In the US ARMY (31F)
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Im having problems logging into my email account.

Customer Question

I'm having problems logging into my email account. Forgot my password, and when I give answers to the security questions (I thought I gave the correct answers) it says my answers are incorrect including my date of birth month and year...and living lin US. I have also had problems of somehow people on my email list started getting these strange emails from my email address, and I never sent them in the first place....Help!
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  D.Sandlin replied 6 years ago.

D.Sandlin :

Welcome to JustAnswer.. My name is Dustin and I am a member of the expert community here..

D.Sandlin :

are you able to read my text?

D.Sandlin :

I am going to switch over to email answers. It looks as if you are having trouble with the chat option.

Expert:  D.Sandlin replied 6 years ago.
AT&T has its own password reset page.

You cannot log on through Yahoo and try to change it that way.

This is the correct link for them.

If none of your answers are working on this page as well, it is evident that you have been hacked. They usually go in and get your contact list and use it for spam.

There is another way you can reset your password also.

customer service or technical support for AT&T

You are lucky you are with them. They can change it over the phone for you. Regular Yahoo users cannot.

Once you get your password changed it is not enough to just change that when you get access to your account again.

If you have been hacked, they have your security question answers, your back up email and your password.

CHANGE ALL OF THEM IMMEDIATELY! Only changing one or two isn't enough.

Please click accept to show I have assisted you.

If you still need assistance, You can reply to this message at any time.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your response. I waited for some time to get a response this morning, but had to leave for work and just now getting back home. This morning before I tried Yahoo, I contacted first. They are the ones who gave me your link because they said I do not have Internet services with them any longer since I moved frrom GA to VA (VA do not carry att), but let me keep my "free" email. My email is powered by Yahoo, however.
Expert:  D.Sandlin replied 6 years ago.

Apologies for the delay, Was traveling home from work myself when you messaged..

Even though, you dont have an account with AT&T anymore.. It is their system, that still controls your account, not yahoo. So the At&t tech wasnt exactly honest with you..

Either way.. did you try the link below?

And try to reset your password here?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Thanks again for your response...went on to something else. Yes, I did try the att link you recommended, but it tells me that "no results found". Then it says "Try these...", which are all Yahoo...

Expert:  D.Sandlin replied 6 years ago.
Hmm.. when you put in your full email address..

is it still a address ?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Yes, it is still email address powered by Yahoo...