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Claws224, IEEE Network Engineer
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Hi, Main question How do I extend the wifi range of my 2WIRE

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Main question: How do I extend the wifi range of my 2WIRE 3800HGV-B modem/router?
Background: We just had AT&T U-verse installed, and the installer put the router in our tv cabinet at the far side of the house. The ethernet signal is delivered to our office (centrally located in the house) through the house wiring via an Asoka PlugLink, where we use a Gigabit switch (D-Link DGS-2208) to connect multiple computers.
Current situation: Now we have very poor wifi signal strength/speed at the opposite end of our house. Prior to U-verse, I had installed our router (Linksys WRT54GS) in the office, so the signal reached everywhere.
Question: Is there a compatible device that can plug into the network switch in our office to extend the wifi signal to the rest of the house? Moving the U-verse router isn't an option.
Thanks for your help! Bryan



To be honest if the Linksys router was powerful enough to give you the signal you want then we can probably use it as a WAP (Wireless Access Point) to do what you are wanting without you having to purchase any new equipment.


What you will need to do is connect a machine hardwired to one of the numbered ports on the Linsks, Once done can you then go to and then login to the router by leaving the username blank and entering admin (all lower case) as the password.


Once logged in can you look on the setup screen and then change the Local IP address of the router to and then disable the DHCP server and then save your changes.


Once that is done can you then wait 30 seconds and then power off the router and then connect a line from either your switch or the Uverse modem to one of the numbered ports on the router (not the internet port) and tehn power up the router and let me know if your wireless machines can connect to your linksys network and get online or not




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