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I forgot my netgear routers network security key - help

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I forgot my netgear routers network security key - help

what you need to do is log into the router from a computer that is hooked up to it now. preferably via ethernet cable but a wireless that is already connected works on some of them.


in your internet explorer put the ip address of the router.

usually or ( most linksys ) or

it will give you a login screen

common default id and passwords are

blank ( nothing ) / admin ( most linksys )

admin / blank (nothing)

admin / admin

admin / password ( most netgear )

admin / 1234


if you give me the exact make and model number i can get you a better idea of which but its not that hard to try the ip addresses to see which gets you the login screen and then try all of those id / password XXXXX


once you log into the router

go to the wireless tab

then there will be a security tab or a security section

it will either allow you to see the current passkey

or allow you to replace the current passkey

or add a passkey

if you need to replace it then you will need to use the new passkey with the existing computers as well as the new one. you might have to hit the disconect button on the wireless connection and then connect again to get it to ask for the new passkey


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
can i try this without losing you?

hit ctrl D to bookmark this page and you will be able to come right back here by selecting it from your favorates list


Customer: replied 6 years ago.
sorry but ip address does not bring up login screen router is Netgear 1J1495710AFB1

it will be either either



try clicking on either of those and see if you get a login screen

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you for your expertise, problem has been solved but i have one more question - where is the bonus button?