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RobCat98, Consultant
Category: Networking
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Experience:  degree in comp sci. 20+ years install work with networks for small and large companies
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I went into website in an attempt to enable

Customer Question

I went into website in an attempt to enable my macbook pro to connect to my home network (my PC connects fine but my macbook does not). Under "Router MAC Address" in Basic Settings, I mistakenly changed the setting from "Use Default MAC Address" to "Use This MAC Address", entering my macbook's MAC #. Now, my wireless router doesn't work and I can no longer access to change it back. Could you please help. Thanks,

Joel Miller
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Networking
Expert:  RobCat98 replied 6 years ago.

wow i thought those things were pretty foolproof but you found a way. there is absolutely no way that you can get into the router from that computer now as every time you would try you would get your own computer instead.


If you cant log in using a different computer ( and you would probably have to disconect the first computer from the network also ) what you need to do is reset the router

luckily that is not that difficult to do.


on the back of the router near the power cord is a little button that says reset. It may be inside a very small hole so that you have to use a paper clip to push it in.

With the router turned on push that button and hold it for 20 seconds until the lights all flash and the router restarts


That will put the router back to factory defaults and you can log in and reprogram it again.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
That didn't work last night or now. I think because I changed the MAC address on the website, the website no longer recognizes the MAC address of my router, even if reset. If there's no other way into the website, I may need a new router, which might be the case anyway as my 802.11n macbook doesn't seem to work with my b/g router...
Expert:  RobCat98 replied 6 years ago.

It is not a website. It is the programming for the router. You need to be conected to the router via ethernet cable. Reboot the computer if you have not already

then try logging in using the ip address


Did you change that mac setting in the router or in your mac ? If you changed it in the mac you need to change it in the same place


you can try the following ip address to put in your internet explorer address bar

one of those will get you a login screen 99 % of the time

default id / password are usually one of these

admin / blank ( nothing )

admin / admin

blank ( nothing ) / admin



Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Just to close the loop, this exchange didn't answer my question. I ended up buying a new Linksys 802.11n router and everything works fine. For your future information, the Cisco Connect software that comes with the router has a stern warning not to adjust anything in the advanced settings as this could cause the Cisco Connect software to no longer work. Unfortunately, my 5-year-old netgear router didn't provide that warning and I mistakenly and un-intelligently manually changed the MAC code. I appreciate your time but am not going to accept the answer as I was looking specifically how to change the settings of my netgear router back to the way they were after I changed the MAC address, and your suggestions were all ones I had tried and didn't work. I'm not looking for any additional responses, but since I have received a couple of emails asking for me to accept the answer and wanted to explain why I will not. Thanks.